Wii Reacts to the Mario Movie Trailer

Published 2022-10-06

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  • MarikAzemus
    You've been defending this for a while. I'm glad your faith was well-placed.
  • Jad Bouazzaoui
    I never thought the Wii itself would turn into a human form just to react and show his emotions with us. Truly dedicated.
  • Funky Thor 64
    This is the happiest I’ve seen Wii, i find it so cute, so happy for him
  • Monk The Immortal
    The only problem is Chris Pratt voicing Mario like he doesn't even sound different at all
  • Mikado
    I've rewatched the trailer at least 20 times since the direct and it still doesn't feel real, Jack Black FUCKING NAILED the Bowser voice
  • Smoke Choked
    Gotta be one of the most pleasant surprises of this year
    Also, can I point out how great Keegan-Michael Key sounds as Toad? It feels like Toad is a less scratchy than he usually is, and I really like it.
  • nousername4416
    i personally wish they'd have gone for more of a Super Show style with Mario's voice, but maybe it'll get better once we hear more of Pratt
    Bowser's the best part so far

    also, i would unironically have liked if they brought back the guy from Hotel Mario, i just rewatched the cutscenes and i actually think the voices for Mario and Luigi are decent.
  • TheDregKing
    It brings a real, genuine smile to hear someone so passionate about the movie. I myself can’t wait for it to come out, I think it’ll be an excellent movie.
  • LogicLijah
    Your enthusiasm is contagious. I was already excited, but now I can’t wait for this movie.
  • greenknight9000
    I'm not afraid to admit that Bowser looks FIRE 😳 And Jack's voice definitely added to that as well. My simpery of Bowser has now skyrocketed to new hights.

    Also, seeing (well, more like hearing) you cry tears of joy really brings me such profound joy - seeing that inner kid in you, seeing that childhood dream really come to life right before your eyes is a truly magical feeling, and it's ones like these that we'll all forever treasure in our hearts and memories
  • Other K
    Bro’s crying his butt off cause he’s waited for this for so freakin’ long.

    I appreciate that you know that this is real now
  • Funkfan
    This direct made a man cry.
    That's impressive.
  • PPNJ
    This was pure DAWKO worth reactions! I practically felt the happiness! You really waited so long, but don’t worry my friend, it won’t be long till we’ll our dreams come true!
  • Vitorinox
    That enthusiasm was contagious. I couldn't help but smile when I saw the trailer. The movie looks very promising, it's amazing.
  • Robert Faulkkner
    It’s been a while since I’ve heard pure uncontrollable tears of joy. I’m happy for you, man!
  • Stephen Quartz
    ngl hearing you cry tears of joy made me cry too

    its been a while since ive heard someone be this excited over something and it warms my heart :))
  • Danominator
    Sounds like Wii just had a system crash amirite
  • RWConz
    This is honestly a literal game changer dude. Omg look at the times we’re in.
  • RÆxm . lr
    I absolutely loved the trailer

    Can’t wait to see it in theatres