My Dog Beau

Published 2022-02-26
I Love Him
BEAU PLUSH (Charity):…

Humane Society:…


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The Team!

Production / Project Manager: Nate

StoryBoard artist, Animator: Annie
   / @staranimations  

Animator: Michazike

Animator: Corbin Bowman ‘TokukuDude’

Animator: YellowAngiru

Animator: Charlie Bickett ‘Megacharlie’

Animator: Allen

BG artist: Sam

BG artist: Marrow Maniac

BG artist: Haricz

Story Boarder: J

Special Thanks to My friend Andrew for drawing that hyper realistic Bryson:

Social Media:



Tablet- Huion Kamvas GT-221

Programs- Adobe animate CC, Adobe Premiere Pro

Mic- Audio Technica AT 2020

Music: Lots of Nintendo Music :D

Thank You:
Thanks for all the support guys! This Is a dream come true that you make possible!

Wow, you read all of this? You are dedicated my friend, I bless you with the stench of one Beau fart

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  • Beaus best man speech was beautiful... man I really wasn't expecting to cry today
  • @Ameerah-24
    A wise man told me once “ don’t blame the dog as monsters blame the awful owners”
  • Beau is adorable. My dog loves pit bulls, and I do, too. The speech Beau made was the best part.
  • PITBULLS ARE SO CUTE 😭😭♥️♥️ It's such a relief to know Beau has u as owner ☺️❤️
  • "Don't blame the dogs as monsters, blame the people who force the dogs to be monsters"
    - Haminations, 2022.
    Awesome quote!
  • @LucasFausnaugh
    Pit bulls are actually some of the sweetest most loyal dogs out there as long as they have good training
  • @user-dt7ye6zm1m
    I think that all dogs deserve love and care no matter what they have done or been through because as man's best friend they should be treated as such.
  • @CougolfDaGr8
    the fact that he used actual pittie noises for the best man speech tho- also i have a pit bull/boxer mix, so i would know some of the insane, non-doglike noises they can make. my Pittie is named Chance ^^
  • @ShojiSkull4311
    Beau is so cute and I can see why you love him so much!
  • Beau’s speech was captivating, inspirational, and made me shed a tear. Beau is the goodest of good boys!
  • @lucross2886
    who else actually clapped when Beau gave his best man speech?
  • @JOYBOY5327
    Beau’s speech as best man got me drowning in tears
  • @mylesmlotkowski
    I was a pitbull owner myself and her name was kizzy.She is so cute and is always nice to anyone
  • @pro_cat934
    Beau is so cute. I could listen to his speech 100 times.
  • Can we all just appreciate for a couple seconds how much Bryson has improved. The animations are amazing!