The Car That Changed The World | David Jason: Planes, Trains and Automobiles Ep1 | Our History

Published 2022-08-11
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David Jason samples the luxury of 1930s aviation, drives the car that changed the world and climbs aboard a vintage steam train.

This film was first broadcast: 28 Mar 2019

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All Comments (21)
  • spikey 27
    Thanks David for sharing, this is a wonderful tour.

    This brings back fond memories, as my first employment after college was with Boeing, working on the 737 design. The first time I entered such plane was on all four used for initial flight test certification. And the only 747 I was ever on had a wooden wing - still in the design stage.

    Again, thanks for sharing.
  • dvdcnly
    The army trained me to work on Beavers in 66 and my only flight in one was from Vinh Long to Bien Hoa to leave Vietnam. I got to fly in the copilots seat and loved seeing that R985 turning the ham/stan prop that was taking me homeward. I flew in many hueys and even a cobra, but that Beaver ride was the best.
  • Jana Burritt
    My Dad a made suggestion for using tapered rivets to hold the wings on. Wings had been falling off of test planes. The pilots were his friends. Saved a lot of test pilots. He received 10 or 15 dollars for the suggestion so long ago.❤️
  • Gary Gone
    I am a big fan of Mr.Jason, I watch him almost every night in A Touch of Frost and have seen every episode several times over. I am happy that he has ventured into documentaries and hope to see more of them in the future.
  • Mark Lavus
    Beautifully done by David Jason, as always. I particularly liked the DC 3.
  • Simon Carlile
    Every thing David Jason does is brill.Loved this man for over forty years.Cushty.
  • King
    wow... brings back an old memory... I was a kid... my dad was an Army pilot at Ft Lewis... we stopped along the freeway and watched this very 747 test flight take off, circle, then eventually land. Thanks for posting this video.
  • iskandartaib
    1700 horsepower was what a Spitfire Mark IX had under the hood, by the way - more or less taking that diesel locomotive and squeezing it down very small and very light.... Very interesting video, thanks! Enjoyed the Model T, especially. Spent the last 5 minutes of the movie trying to figure out if the diesel locomotive was at one end of the train and the geared steam locomotive was at the other end... 😁
  • Jeff
    It's amazing that a plane that big (or any plane really) could land on such small tires.
  • Visionery1
    This is a beautiful series, thank you David!
  • Sam Wanjere
    Very nice to see Sir David Jason looking hale. Loved him as 'Pop Larkin' in the TV series, 'Darling Buds of May.' Aired here in Kenya courtesy of our national broadcaster KBC. Enjoyable watch here. 👏
  • Douglas Reeves
    Couple of comments. I remember my first solo flight. It was on my 16th birthday. I did 3 touch and goes. After that, I would fly down to Martha's Vineyard or Nantucket for touch and goes or lunch. Sometimes up to Bangor or to Concord or Portsmouth. Also, I served in the USN with a friend whose father was a mechanic for Packard.
  • alex kalish
    I think the DC-3 would be the plane that changed the world. It helped win W.W. 2 and was the first mass produced (10,000+) passenger aircraft. It was strong. cheap to fly and used world wide, still is. Great job and very fun for us both - Cheers -
  • loveaodai100
    Wonderful film! Regarding David's comment about looking at a 747 and thinking like many other people that it seems un-natural that it can fly... the reality is that an object shaped like a 747 properly configured and powered can not possibly stay on the ground assuming there is enough runway in front of it!
  • Nunofurdambiznez
    What a fantastic video!! VERY well presented and very entertaining!
  • ROBERT snyder
    David, my dad was a steam locomotive engineer as were my uncles. My dad was the last engineer to fire the little Baldwin locomotive on the Yakutat and Southern railroad.
  • Hudson Chalmers
    In Rhodesia, we called it the "Vomit Comet" when being deployed whilst in the army during the war . Had hill hop to avoid Strela missiles , and most of the troopies got airsick. Happy memories of this aircraft
  • Robert Blakely
    What a fabulous video! I an one of those rare wipper-snappers (born 1956) who has the priveledge of driving a genuine model T several times a week at Greenfield Village in Dearborn, Michigan. What a great opportunity to share some history with people in a setting designed to preserve it for ever (we hope) into the future.
  • GereDJ
    I love the engineers passion for his trains and steam engines.
  • john schlesinger
    Marvellous machinery. David Jason gives us all so much pleasure.