Ukraine says Russia targets nuclear plant with possible “false flag” operation to come

Published 2022-08-15
Ukraine says Russia is using the sprawling Zaporizhzhia nuclear facility as a base to launch attacks on civilians in the area, bringing heartache, and risking catastrophe. CBS News senior foreign correspondent Charlie D'Agata visited two towns just a few miles from the facility.

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All Comments (21)
  • Sabrina Lennox
    Zelensky admitted that it's the Ukraines shelling power plant. The Russians have been in there since March!
  • Vũ Trường
    Zelensky literally admitted they are shelling the power plant because there are Russian troops locate in it.
    Even Ukraine propaganda couldn't agree on what to say, I think Zelensky was confusing himself too.
    How could Russian target the plant when at the same time using it as cover. His statement didn't make any sense.
  • Danny
    What do you call it when the country doing the false flag accuses its enemy of false flag? And I'm not talking about Ukraine. NATO readying the troops I see. And we're all supposed to nod and agree? When America agrees to sit at the negotiation table, then talk to us about false flags. Did the state department force you guys to produce this because of your previous video exposing the Ukrainian corruption in weapons delivery?
  • Awesome Kitty
    ALL PRAISE OUR CIVILIZED MESSIAH! Thank you for increasing my civil awareness Charlie!
  • Arian Shaholli
    Lol now that Elinsky threatens them Russians soldiers with his special forces they really are : hold my beer 🍺 clown 🤡.
  • mark
    Thank you Russia for saving us all from the Ukranian fascists. Bless you 🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️
  • Out and About
    I suppose it's not possible to take a russian nuclear power plant? If Ukraine is not on a level playing field how can they win?
  • Danny
    So glad to see people waking up in the comments!!! What was it that Bush said? Fool me once...👏👏 There's hope for us yet.
  • Jemar Grant
    Wow how do you feel knowing you lying to the whole world just for Ukraine to look good 😂😂😂 that’s karma from the 8 years of shelling
  • Steve
    This just in: "The Japanese dropped nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki as a false flag operation to end WWII." We're still looking in to 9/11.
  • Question - Really where is America and so called Nato ?
    Ans - 1. Europe find the truth of American politics so they are mumb now
    2. American politicians selling ammunition to Taiwan.
    Simple it is to understand
  • Clover Techdev
    Ukraine is shelling the unclear plant, because Russia cut off the power supply line to Ukraine and rerouted the power to Crimea and Russia occupied areas.
  • Fahad Amir
    So ur saying russia is launching attacks on the nuclear plant from the nuclear plant 😂🤣👌 atleast do ur propoganda properly atleast omg🤣😂👏👍
  • DREAMRestore
    So now if we decide there's no end in sight and it's time to extract ourselves from the situation.... They'll say were abandoning them.
  • Stefan Trojak
    Indicion: Plutonium, PU, VRA 1000, reactor 4 and 5, Izrael, Bomb, black money
  • Roman Krzanowski
    so who is shelling this nuclear plant , Russia or Ukraine? I have the reason to believe that this is Ukraine job shelling Nuclear plant.