Bill Evans - When I Fall In Love

Published 2010-06-24
Bill Evans - Portrait in Jazz - When I Fall In Love

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  • Benjamin Guido
    That riff he does right around the 2:55 mark is unbelievable. It's so clear and concise.
  • grapefruit moon
    Bill Evans really had his own style, sound, delivery. Unique interpretations! With the skill to back it up. He is one of a kind and truly underrated. Well, that makes him more valuable in a sense.
  • Quinnbrooks
    Each note Bill plays is so clear, and speaks right to heart. He was a true musical genius.
  • Caitlin Harwood
    I always turn to Bill Evans when the day is long and shit seems unending...he is the king of piano ease, so incredibly talented at making everything seem effortless: the mark of a great artist.
  • eddie davidson
    The way he attacks the opening line is unlike anything I’ve ever heard in the entirety of the improvisational canon.

    Our lives rush by quickly. It would be a shame to live it without ever listening to Bill Evans.
  • MDB
    Bill Evans leaves space and fills space. Truly a profound expresser. Thank you Bill for filling my heart.
  • BraveNewWhirled
    Any aspiring musician who has not listened to Bill Evans has missed something REALLY important.
  • Garet
    I love jazz. Always calms my nerves. Absolutely beautiful. ❤️
  • aoz823
    a true piano lyricist...... with style, and punctuations like no other......
  • Anna Cottage
    One of my favourite all time songs and to hear Bill Evans play it, I feel all bubbly inside, Bill Evans no one could ever play like him. Thank you so much for this superb music, Anna.
  • J.T.
    Bill Evans had such a profound sound.
    His expressions really impact you...
  • geoffreyefloyd
    I could listen to that ending a million times and not get tired of it, nor understand why it sounds so good.
  • Bill certainly took music to the next level. Imagine what went through his head when he seemed to effortlessly improvise complex melodic lines and impressionistic harmonies. He was more than a genius; He was certainly a revolutionary man. His music brought people together.
  • Faithatronica
    Wow. This song is amazing! I have fallen in love with Bill Evans!
  • Stuart Dryer
    Strange bluesy reharmonization at the beginning builds unusual tension and its beautiful soft resolution amazes me. Such genius and beauty. Everything he ever recorded has something utterly unique.
  • Phil Pryor
    Sculpting, brushing strokes, rhyming, playing with words, art and life in many ways, is so beautiful when done with loving taste, just as here. It is an exquisitely shaped song.
  • Phil Pryor
    All the charm, lace, light, touch, insight, drive, tone, technique, sweet inner light here, of Bill Evans, a superior pianist, great artist, sensitive poet, fragile and lost person, a wonder.
  • paxwallacejazz
    There are some phrases that start around 2:50 that form the end of his solo and recapitulation with the head that employ brilliant silences that reveal bass and drums (very zen) that provide a great series of very musical contrasts and really thoughtfully punctuate the transition from solo( i.e. development section) to head . Truly a master .
  • A Sz
    The phrase from 3:25 to 3:33 literally had me doubled-over. There’s a reason why his signature harmonics influenced so many.