PCBH Corner, Episode 61: BHCs should have THIS many visits per day

Published 2023-12-04
In this revealing PCBH Corner, Drs. Bauman and Beachy unveil not only how many visits BHCs should see per day, but the nuances and complexities that come with these numbers. As always, they stress the importance of value congruent behavior over metric driven behaviors. Definitely let us know where your mind goes after watching!!!

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All Comments (4)
  • @bridget.beachy
    This might be one of my favorite videos we've made recently! And, surprised we finally gave an answer LOL!
  • @jeffleichter6400
    David/Bridget: Thanks for another relevant PCBH corner. We've moved away, in our system, from setting goals for specific numbers of patients/day to be seen by the BHC. Rather, we focus more on doing whatever is needed to elevate primary care and serve the PC team. Our budget reviewers want our BHCs to be doing enough visits to be 'budget neutral' but that number varies from region to region and payer to payer. My standard refrain on the questions of "how many/how much" etc., is "whatever it takes to serve your team and your patients." As I've heard it said, "if you've seen one PCBH clinic...you've seen one PCBH clinic" :)
  • @mojorogers8043
    Excellent and validating discussion. Obviously with clinics that have a single BHC we have to build "hybrid" schedules to accomodate both pre-book appointments and warm hand offs. We use an "accordian" style schedule that builds additional time in between pre-books so the BHC is never runnning too far behind, there is a buffer in between visits. My question is, do you track or is there data that shows how many warm hand offs are typically missed due to unavailability of the BHC during a week?