"God's Promises When You're Afraid of Failing" with Pastor Rick Warren

Published 2019-08-05
The fear of failure is a universal fear–it is often more detrimental than the failure itself. If you never learn how to disarm it, you’ll miss all that God wants to do in your life. In this message in God's Amazing Promises series, Pastor Rick Warren shares four truths to remember and four steps to take so that you can neutralize the fear of failure in your life.
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  • Awaroa Rapana
    Thank you Pastor Rick, I am from New Zealand and I have really loved and learned so much from your sermons. It’s so wonderful how you preach. You are the best Pastor I’ve ever come across. 🙏🙏🙏
  • Harsono Setiono
    4 Things To Remember:

    1. Everybody fails in many ways
    2. No failure is final unless I give up
    3. Failure is the path to success if I'm humble & willing to learn from it
    4. That no matter what happens, God promises to use it for good in my life

    4 Actions To Take:
    1. Refuse to compare myself to others
    2. Redefine the meaning of failure
    3. Refocus on God's love for me & others
    4. Replace my fear with faith in Jesus
  • WOW!! PTL! Thank you for using Pastor Rick to confirm God has not finished with me! amen!!
  • Sophia D.
    Rick, your preaching has CHANGED my life. Listening to these help me grow my relationship with God, thank you, you’re doing a great job
  • I needed this encouragement today! Lord Jesus, please destroy the fear of failure in me. Let me serve you with all my abilities, I love you through Jesus Christ our Lord Amen!"
  • Karyawan Miskin
    Beautiful testimonies by two young people. Unassuming, relaxed atmosphere, being themselves, full of ideals, but realizing God's plans are always the best.
  • Listening to Rick Warren's Services has change my life for the better
  • Amos Bryan
    Listened to this today as i was facing some fears with my Spouse but this teaching has encouraged us to keep pressing with faith knowing that WE can never please God by playing it SAFE.

    Blessings Pr Rick.
  • Regina G
    Love is the opposite of fear. Make love the motivation of everything you do. Wherever God's love is there is no fear, because God's love drives out all fear.
    I needed this! 😭🙌🙏 I have a fear of failure in my studies in college. Please pray for me.
  • Thank God that he's using you to deliver this message to me pastor Rick. As I'm feeling down and discouraged at my work currently. Amen
  • Julia Botros
    Pastor. I'm so so so thankful that you've answered His call to do what you do. Your preaching is transforming my mind & strengthening my relationship with God. Thank you
  • motogp 23
    Thank you Pastor Rick! I needed gods love today. All i ever wanted was to give love to those who needs it most. I hope one day god will bless my wife and I with more children. We have not been so lucky but i know god will work his mysterious ways. I stay faithful to him and i know He is always praying for my family and I. God i trust you with all my heart and please use me to do your will. I am always ready for your calling. From now on I will always face my fears with Gods love for i know He is always with me.
  • Jack
    So many gems in this sermon. God bless
  • I am me ♥️
    Love you Lord God. Jesus, thank you Lord God. 💕
  • Connie CHAN
    Thanks for helping us to trust Our lord only give us the best
  • Raquel C
    'The opposite of fear is not faith, it's love.' That made me cry x
  • Jeffrey Morales
    Amen, God is not done with me! I died and came back from drug overdose 4 times, and still he loves me enough to have me alive for him🙌🏽 Thank you God for saving my life!
  • tt
    Thanks Rick, you don’t realize how encouraging you are towards people’s life’s.

    so thank you