"God's Promises When You're Afraid of Failing" with Pastor Rick Warren

Published 2019-08-05

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  • I needed this encouragement today! Lord Jesus, please destroy the fear of failure in me. Let me serve you with all my abilities, I love you through Jesus Christ our Lord Amen!"
  • Muriel Rodriguez
    Listening to Rick Warren's Services has change my life for the better
  • Harsono Setiono
    4 Things To Remember:

    1. Everybody fails in many ways
    2. No failure is final unless I give up
    3. Failure is the path to success if I'm humble & willing to learn from it
    4. That no matter what happens, God promises to use it for good in my life

    4 Actions To Take:
    1. Refuse to compare myself to others
    2. Redefine the meaning of failure
    3. Refocus on God's love for me & others
    4. Replace my fear with faith in Jesus
  • Pastor Rick I can't EVEN thank you enough for your clear relatable messages. I absolutely NEEDED THIS message today ❤ 💕 💗 When we are asked by our LOVING FATHER to do something our obedience is rewarded. I am going to listen to this 3 more times today!!!!
  • Raquel C
    'The opposite of fear is not faith, it's love.' That made me cry x
  • Sophia D.
    Rick, your preaching has CHANGED my life. Listening to these help me grow my relationship with God, thank you, you’re doing a great job
  • Bih Adelaide
    What a great message. Thank you pastor Rick for the life changing teachings. God Bless you. I love your messages.
  • socrates
    I am just about to start a new phase in my life and keep telling myself recently that I have to brave to do something meaningful and purposeful which I have never done before. This is the message that God intends me to hear. Without faith it is impossible to please God.
  • Beautiful testimonies by two young people. Unassuming, relaxed atmosphere, being themselves, full of ideals, but realizing God's plans are always the best.
  • I am me ♥️
    Love you Lord God. Jesus, thank you Lord God. 💕
  • Julia Botros
    Pastor. I'm so so so thankful that you've answered His call to do what you do. Your preaching is transforming my mind & strengthening my relationship with God. Thank you
  • tt
    Thanks Rick, you don’t realize how encouraging you are towards people’s life’s.

    so thank you
  • Dawn Colayco
    God help me ! Great verses! It is about character !
  • Jakai Esekon
    Pastor Rick thanks for your sermons which have inspired me to get confidence and ability to pass Gods word to my fellow colleagues and friends on what is referred to as spiritual hour in the military. I feel blessed pastor. God bless your ministry
  • Connie CHAN
    Thanks for helping us to trust Our lord only give us the best
  • Ty Deloach
  • Viva Vanessa
    Great advice, Fail often because it helps you discover your talents. Thank you Pastor Rick. God bless you and your family.