Rewiring Revolution:Neuroplasticity's Impact on Wellbeing | Kristen Meisenheimer | TEDxSanLuisObispo

Published 2019-06-10
If you were given the choice to live a less stressful and more fulfilling life, wouldn’t you? As it
turns out, you are given that choice every time adversity strikes. By realizing the power of your
thoughts and utilizing the plasticity of your brain, one can practice skills that can help to rewire
the negative habitual thinking patterns that can ultimately result in mental and emotional ill
health. A distinguished faculty member with 18 years of teaching experience. This year she chose to take a break from teaching and follow a deep-rooted passion in neuroscience research for a one year intensive program at Vanderbilt’s Center for Neuroscience Drug Discovery in Nashville, TN. She is traveling across the country to enlighten our attendees to the health benefits that can come from utilizing the brain’s neuroplasticity. Through the progression of the talk she will define neuroplasticity, use case studies to demonstrate its function within the brain, teach the audience how to identify opportunities for reprogramming one’s neurologic pathways that will reduce stress, and how to use this unique feature of the brain to improve general mental health of any individual. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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  • @kaiven2429
    I did the same kind of brain rewiring Kristen did, (over a span of thirty plus years) without knowing a thing about brain chemistry or spirituality even. I was psychologically oriented and interested in focusing deep down within to grow healthier emotionally, psychologically and physically, which I did. It is amazing how the rewiring works. When I heard about neuroplasticity, I knew in an instant that was what I had done, unknowingly. I am pleased to hear her discuss it, but disappointed in the small number of views.
  • @drinkapavlovic
    What a woman! the pace, the peace, the real strength, the love! thank you💖
  • I feel your passion in your powerful and educational presentation. I am also passionate in studying energy work, and it brings me great joy to teach others what I have learned over the years. It is especially interesting when science begins to catch up to what many indigenous hove known for centuries. While I knew about how our thoughts and beliefs affect the neural pathways in our brains (and I have some video footage related to this as well) I now have a deeper appreciation in understanding how the chemicals of our sympathetic nervous system affects both the dendrites and dendritic spines...very interesting. Thanks again.
  • Love this topic. Very informative and valuable talk! Can be of great benefit to all.
  • @jdfi1403
    Excellent! I firmly believe in the theory of people that upset you are great teachers! I apply this theory to many other categories to move along!
  • @shez1640
    When you realise how powerful your thoughts are, why would you think negative thoughts ever again,If you connect those thoughts with heartfelt love emotions, your thoughts become so much more powerful
  • @Maria-fg2fr
    Awesome talk, very educational and informative.
  • @GoCanucks2011
    If you are depressed you are living in the past
    If you are anxious you were living in the future
    If you are at peace you are living in the present
    -------------------- Love it ! ---------------
  • @alanmauro3029
    Years ago I went through a very difficult bout with depression and I was put on an anti-depressant, which did get me out of it, but I wish I would've been taught meditation skills and learned how to strengthen my brain, rather than medicating my brain. Suffice it to say, I struggled off an on for years following and I believe now that it all could've been avoided. The knowledge she imparts here should be the frontline of mental health treatment, rather than using medications and the standard practiced CBT. Our society is failing with treating mental health issues and this is the reason why.
  • @MeMe-lx2jw
    The opening to this talk has done wonderful things for me. I try to remind myself of that all the time. THANK YOU!!!
  • Such a sweet and relaxing voice and 20 mins of good knowledge
  • @GoCanucks2011
    Everything you do -
    Everything you encounter -
    Everything you experience -
    ------- is changing your brain --------
  • @Alexandra9001
    Does anybody know if there's an article or anything related to the studies on nutrition she talks about? I'm particularly interested in the exact research she talks about 🤔