Learn The Strength Of Gentleness With Pastor Rick Warren

Published 2014-05-27

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  • Band Buddy
    Rick Warren is the best at making the scripture relevant to everyday life.
  • Stella U
    Dear pastor rick, you are a gift from god. I thank god for you in my life, I love you my brother in Jesus . You are a true god’s gift to so many of us. Words can’t tell you how appreciative of your videos I am.
  • Madeline Grudens
    Everyone should hear these words! What a wonderful world we would have.. thanks for this sermon!
  • ginny0719
    Pastor Rick is an overflowing vessel of Gods love for those who thirst...thank you for watering our gardens
  • Holly Mansberry
    So thankful i found his services i definitely needed this one bc i do have a short temper&quick to run my mouth glad god lead me to this video😍
  • Tajaya Tomlinson
    The Lord convicting the snot out of me through your sermon 🤧
    Wonderful sermon pastor Rick
  • PeaceFan1
    JESUS was VERY Gentle and I want SOOOO BADLY to BE like JESUS in my Life!!!
  • Nyla Sarmiento
    Worth staying late night for this talk. And I will surely repeat listening to this sermon. Thank you God for Pastor Rick....very articulate and gentle speaker
  • Goin Goin Gone
    Lord please I beg of you to guide me to raise my son differently than I was raised. Help me build his character and find his gift from God no matter how hard it gets lord please help me stay calm.
  • DC Alviar
    Gentleness communicates love. --- Pastor Rick Warren
  • What a timely message. Much love from Fiji🙋🏾‍♂️❤🙌🏽
  • David MacDowell
    rick warren's a good speaker. i really like his, often subtle, sense of humor. i never seem to get tired of these one hour videos.
  • St. Irenaeus
    This sermon is my jam now lol I absolutely love it and watch it everytime i need a reminder. Amazing stuff.
  • 𝓑.𝓒...
    I'm told I am too nice/gentle. The times that I haven't been led to exactly what was mentioned in this sermon...
  • Audrey Tauro
    Thank you for this life transforming sermon. I was truly blessed.
  • Jerry Yelton
    Gods word lives forever thank you for being His servant
  • Linda W
    "Guys, a woman always feels better when you speak gently to her!" So true! I had to hear shouting and scolding all my childhood. My 3 sons now are strong and gentle with their families and to me. So good, though I had a divorce long ago. There was too much broken inside. God knows why, the praise still be to him!
  • Anh Kim Phan
    Thank you Rick Warren, the best public speaker with sincerey heart, best storytelling, best empowerment speaker.