The Underwater Paradise Of Australia | Great Barrier Reef | Nature Documentary | Documentary Central

Published 2022-04-20
Explore the paradise in Australia that is home to a large diversity of species including turtles, colorful fish and coral reefs. Accompany underwater cinematographers on their journey through this miracle of nature.

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  • @damarysdingui
    I don't have no words watching this.. The Great Barrier Reef it's truly magnificent..
    Thank you for sharing, D.C..💖
  • @daves6220
    The Great Barrier Reef is currently at a record high level of coral coverage since records were started in 1985 even with record high tourism.
  • @user-wj6ic8to4h
    It is so exciting to watch on life of underwater creates! I like this video very much! It is fine! It is as if you dived by yourself.
  • I find theese documentary videos really relaxing, informative and entertaining.
  • I watched this and it's a big dose of reality of the future. I am more motivated to do my part now. Big thank you for your video!
  • @nancysherburne7445
    I was hoping for several hours of the Great Barrier Reef with relaxing classical music as was done for the Amazon but only find much shorter narrated videos. I appreciate the value of information viewers find inspiring, but all I wanted was to watch the denizens of this incredible ecosystem.
  • Music is always a wonderful source of inspiration, so let it elevate your spirits and help you relax. Wishing everyone a fun and musical time! 🎶🌟
  • Been keeping reef tanks for years. What the hell is a fire coral? XD you have four types of corals, small polyp stony, large polyp stony, soft and non photosynthetic. Acropora make up most of the structure of the reef. They don’t “secrete” limestone or calcium. They are calcium where limestone is created from corals. They are made from a calcium carbonate structure where they themselves grow. The algae that is spoken of is called zooxanthellae. This is the “skin” of the coral which gives it its pigment and takes in light to feed the coral. The polyps are simply a secondary system that are meant to catch tiny particles in the water column and thus feed the coral as well. Please, if you are going to make a video about coral and explain what happens in a reef, you have to at least have your facts straight.
  • @sheilamobley2480
    Things die a decompose, they start a new somewhere else.. it's Mother Nature, She will survive!
  • @TheLucentFish
    What is a stone and fire coral?? Looked like acropora to me. Secrete limestone!?!
  • @lukaszjermak8570
    I'll tell you my opinion. I'm not a pessimist but a realist. If you pay close attention to how everything underwater moves, then compare it to species like us. You cannot compare the two lifestyles. Just for entertaining purposes, imagine the next level (space). Do a comparison now. The further you get away from home, the more ......
  • Dark ages of the ocean have started . I,m a DM in on my home island st Lucia and we are going through a black sea urchin wipeout all have died , I'm observing too see how soon they start to make a comeback.
  • @malawidick
    It has since grown back and is now looking very healthy