107 Gorillaz Music Facts YOU Should Know (Ep. #19) - MicDrop

Published 2016-05-26
Gorillaz are known for rejecting mainstream music and idol worship, and of course for their awesome animated band members. Created by Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett, we first met the band in 2001 with their single "Clint Eastwood" and later enjoyed the hit "Feel Good Inc.", and luckily, the Gorillaz are back for more. Murdoc, 2-D, Russel, and Noodle (for a time, Cyborg Noodle) - these band members won us over back then, and they are back again with a new album. So get ready — because MicDrop is counting down the 107 Music Facts About Gorillaz!

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All Comments (21)
  • @canislunaticus
    "They sometimes argue" Murdoc once tried to kill 2-D, and two other times he almost killed 2-D by accident. its more than just arguing lmao
  • @blankishere3776
    "2D looks human other than his hair"...

    Dude did you forget about his eye condition?
  • @arcalranem6561
    Oh I never realized that the band was entirely fictional. I thought that the characters corresponded to actual people.
  • @amorfm4071
    I don’t think Cyborg Noodle was “evil”. She’s half human so she has some human emotions. Her meltdown was not intentional, it was a malfunction.
  • @szylu6960
    We shall ignore the fact that Murdoc is using Cyborg Noodle head as a
    flowerpot ? Ok
  • @egg-thanos
    “No metal influences in Gorillaz”

    cough cough Murdoc is God cough cough
  • @doorstuck706
    Thank God Glee didn't get the license for Gorillaz' music.
  • @daxter69420
    “Where the bloody hell have you been”
    “T o i l e t”
    “Toilet whaddoya mean toilet
  • @anniebunny722
    The fact that Damon and Jamie gave each of the Gorillaz members names, backstories, and personalities, makes me love Gorillaz even more! It shows HUGE amounts of originality and keeps them fresh and awesome!
  • @blankishere3776
    "They have a very close brotherly bond"

    * Throws shoe at face *
  • @mememaster6928
    "The two of them have a very close brotherly bond."

    "Where the bloody hell have you been?"
    "T o i l e t."
    "Toilet whaddaya mean toilet?"
  • Fact 108. There was a girl called Paula Cracker. She was meant to be the guitarist and 2D’s girlfriend (now ex girlfriend) but was kicked out of the group after her and Murdoc did the WooHoo in the bathroom at Kong studios.

    Fact 109: Russel stood up for 2D and broke Murdocs nose a few times when he saw him WooHooing with Paula.
  • I’m god they’re not “that early 2000s band” and are still super popular and making new music
  • @matvei8368
    Murdoc: great bass player, some how gets a ton of girls, Satanist

    Noodle: is just noodle, Coolest badass

    Russel: possessed many times, has ghost eyes, great at drums

    Cyborg Noodle: * OG noodle is better, but she did fill the gap pretty well, badass, only listens mainly to Murdoc*

    Ace: nice to 2D, replaces Murdocs bass and attitude, from the power puff girls Ganggreen Gang

    2D: becomes a lamp, cutest little guy ever, AMAZING singing voice, best personality, the life line of the band, everyone loves him, cant tie his own shoes

    My favorite is 2D of course, I just love him so so much!
  • @sumeda36
    Another interesting fact: cyborg noodle malfunctioned and freaked out trying to kill murdoc so he deactivated her. He tried to repair her but gave up as normal noodle was ok and in saturnz barz there is a bin bag with mechanical sounds at the start which we believe to be the remains of cybord noodle.