Do I amuse you Kirby?

Published 2022-03-18

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  • Never would've thought I'd see a Hoodwinked meme, but here we are.
  • Uncle Al
    Am I some sort of CLOWN TO YOU!?!?
  • loluser 21
    damn, there goes the no damage run
  • Alvaro Perez
    And here we see the abuse of Kirby at the hands of Monke.
  • DJ AwesomeSauce
    Kirby bouncing all over the place like that is incredibly fitting.
  • TPLT
    Uncle Al's delivery on "clown" is great.
  • Kirby from kirby
    I can imagine once Kirby lands that gorilla is getting ✨S L A P P E D✨

    Like how he did to Kirby, just on a stronger level
  • Rosalinabob64
    Alternate Title: Pink ball gets abused by an NFT
  • DFQuartz IDN
    I like how you can see Kirby’s wanted poster in the background, lmao. I’d like to think that Kirby accidentally made a wrong gesture while having tea with him or something in this mall.
  • Brady King
    There's nothing we could do, Gorimondo was a made man and Kirby wasn't
  • noa tim
    I love how instead of shaking his head Kirby just looks at him confused due to not knowing english
  • Dark 275
    Well you’re the first boss so obviously yes.
  • Joseph Mask
    If I had a nickel for every Hoodwinked meme I saw, I'd have two nickels, which I know isn't a lot but it's weird that it happened twice
  • Kirby's been hoodwinked!

    Also "do I amuse you? Do I have a big red nose on my face?"