1. Introduction to the Human Brain

Published 2021-10-27
MIT 9.13 The Human Brain, Spring 2019
Instructor: Nancy Kanwisher
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Prof. Kanwisher tells a true story to introduce the course, then covers the why, how, and what of studying the human brain and gives a course overview.

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  • @Kinbyrne
    Isn’t it marvelous when gifted teachers have great story telling skills. I’m hooked for the full course.
  • I am a 17 year old horse trainer in indiana. I never imagined I would get to sit in on a MIT lecture. This is fascinating. Thank you so much
  • @eggyrepublic
    I like how MIT is like "we can literally make our lectures free to watch and it'll have no negative impact on our admissions because we're just that good."
  • @sophiac.700
    Wow, she even teaches students how to read academic papers by going through an example! every junior grads student should watch that! (the example starts around 1:15:00)
  • I feel privileged learning through such dignified professors for free
  • Professor Kanwisher's lectures are really intresting and she teaches in a very calm and composed way. Whenever I feel low or tensed, I come here to watch her lectures on neuroscience. She is just amazing.
  • what a privilege to be getting these high quality lessons for free. grateful to our educators and those associated for making this accessible to laypeople, not just those who can afford and/or qualify in. you a doing good for the public by doing this

    i hope everyone is having a great week and staying healthy
  • @ducky4021
    I know it's not a big deal, but I appreciate you providing the subtitles. As a non-native English speaker, I find it difficult to keep up with native speakers at times. Thank you for your time and work in making this lesson easier to understand.
  • @m00c0w
    I was so surprised when she said she didn't get great class evaluations in the past. I was already so impressed with how engaging this professor is! Thank you Dr. Kanwisher and MIT for sharing this lecture!
  • @DrunkenMasterG
    I love the fact that this is free information open to the world
  • @Panam511
    This the reason why Internet has been built : to spread knowledge everywhere to everybody. Not to create stories on Instagram or TikTok. Thanks. Great course.
  • @tmo314
    Professor Kanwisher seems to be an excellent lecturer. I was completely drawn in to this material because of her passion and sincerity. Also, it's rare, in my experience, to find a professor that ACTUALLY changes the structure/presentation of material to help students learn. This woman's compassion for others is awesome. Thanks so much for the knowledge and inspiration.
  • @dies_vlog2115
    I am a housewife in Turkey and I love to learn new things, especially the human brain. Everything about brain and mind take my attention. Thanks to MIT for those open courses to give us a chance to learn these profound information ( sorry for my poor english) .
  • @XPunkstarr
    Primary school teacher here. Super hooked. I love how the professor sets out the grounds pretty quickly and uncovers the field of research without a moment of hesitation, with such enthusiasm that gives out wonderful invitations for all of her students to 'join in' the fun of the studies of this course. Amazing work, I look forward to the future sessions as well.
  • “This is just a story.” Sets my mind up to accept a world that is other than my own. You’re ability to successfully paint a world with words keeps me there.
  • @TheSentientCloud
    I find it fascinating how in the last 4 years, almost everything she is saying about AI is out of date. AI is currently absurdly good at performing all of these tasks, and actually outperform humans on it (whether you look at Google/Microsoft/Meta's AIs, they all outperform humans).

    Crazy that the majority of this was done in the last 1 year. That paper she mentioned was coauthored by Geoffery Hinton who recently left Google because of how rapidly AI was growing.

    Fascinating stuff y'all.
  • This is also so encouraging for us as science people! The way she keeps the discussion clear, clean, appropriately paced and relevant in every word it's just amazing. I love the work MIT does with spreading this courses for free. Really setting the bar up on what we all should do with knowledge: share with passion and humility
  • @ml1182
    I'm an undergraduate engineering student majoring in mechatronics and waiting to do my PhD in neural engineering one day, thanks million times to MIT for doing these Open courses, this is such an unbelievable chance for the people who are interested in this subject to learn that from MIT
  • @maxdre
    Me, a poor inner-city kid sitting through an MIT lecture like this. Unreal. Thank you all.