EMERGENCY EPISODE: Ex-Google Officer Finally Speaks Out On The Dangers Of AI! - Mo Gawdat | E252

Published 2023-06-01
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0:00 Intro
02:54 Why is this podcast important?
04:09 What's your background & your first experience with AI?
08:43 AI is alive and has more emotions than you
11:45 What is artificial intelligence?
20:53 No one's best interest is the same, doesn't this make AI dangerous?
24:47 How smart really is AI?
27:07 AI being creative
29:07 AI replacing Drake
31:53 The people that should be leading this
34:09 What will happen to everyone's jobs?
46:06 Synthesising voices
47:35 AI sex robots
50:22 Will AI fix loneliness?
52:44 AI actually isn't the threat to humanity
56:25 We're in an Oppenheimer moment
01:03:18 We can just turn it off...right?
01:04:23 The security risks
01:07:58 The possible outcomes of AI
01:18:25 Humans are selfish and that's our problem
01:23:25 This is beyond an emergency
01:25:20 What should we be doing to solve this?
01:36:36 What it means bringing children into this world
01:42:11 Your overall prediction
01:50:34 The last guest's question

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All Comments (21)
  • @TheDiaryOfACEO
    Mo is back, and this is honestly a conversation not to be missed. Please share and like it as it will help this conversation reach so many more people. Hope you all enjoy it. Appreciate you all 🙏🏽
  • @daisyl2629
    "We have disconnected power from responsibility". The statement of the decade.
  • When he says ''and on Monday every picker was picking up everything'' I wonder how many people understand the significance of this, it sent shivers down my spine.
  • @hobbies-hq
    😮 This is such an important conversation! Thank you for sharing this emergency episode, Diary Of A CEO. It's crucial that we address the dangers of AI and have open discussions about its impact. Looking forward to hearing what the ex-Google Officer has to say. 👏💡 #AI #Technology #DiaryOfACEO
  • I absolutely loved this episode ! Thanks Mo and Steven ! It’s super interesting that Mo would ask Einstein for advice on how to resolve seemingly complex problems that may have simple solutions. Einstein has already given this answer when he said : “Problems cannot be solved with the same mindset that created them”. Meaning, in order for us to find the solutions to AI, Climate Change, etc., we’ll have to raise our consciousness. And I do believe this is already happening. It’s not the majority of people, as always it starts with small groups of people that grow to reach a certain percentage in the population to be enough to have a tangible impact in the world. I see it in me, I’m definitely not the same person that I was a few years ago, I see it my surroundings, more and more people waking up to the reality of our current systems, able to see beyond “the matrix” and imagining a better way to be in the world, and actively participating in creating the change we want to see. This is happening as well. And I believe this is part of the solution : A collective of people around the world who are awake and actively engaging in the creation of a better future. I’m an optimist I have to say ! But I believe we don’t see the world the way it is, we see the world the way we are. So as we raise our consciousness and wake up, we’ll be able to see solutions that at this moment we just can’t.
  • @jimbowen8973
    Great episode - well done. Mo said so many great things, but my favorite... "The problem with our world today is not that humanity is bad. The problem with our world today is the negativity bias - where the worst of us are on mainstream media and we show the worst of us on social media."
  • This has been the best discussion I have enjoyed in the last several months. It was enlightening conversation that has given me a different outlook on AI, global warming, those in control and what I can do with my small voice. THANK YOU1
  • @kate6119
    I'm a kindergarten teacher and I have worked with quite a few highly intelligent children. They have one thing in common - they are developed cognitively far beyond their years, but emotionally and socially they are still just little kids. The result is, they tend to feel invincible because they can do so much more than their peers, but are still too immature to be able to predict the consequences of their own actions or exert self control. As a result, they often end up in situations where they get overwhelmed by their own capability.

    It seems when it comes to developing AIs we are kind of at this stage - very smart kids without an adult, capable of understanding how things work and how to make things that work, but without enough awareness of experience to be able to predict the consequences. Or at least we were at this stage - it seems we are now becoming more aware of the impact of our actions on our surroundings. There is a lot of inertia in the system, though. It will take powerful countervectors to change the course we're currently at.

    Thanks for the talk, it was very thought inspiring and empowering. I will now go and think what I can do to help bring about the needed change.
  • @joshuayoung9853
    I felt like a drowning man in waters full of sharks, and it was truly driving me crazy, until I saw this and read the comments, and everything here has been a life preserver thrown by the coast guard, my thanks to Mo and everyone 🙏🙏
  • @OZ01209
    Human connection is 100% valuable. Proven by Common sense, science, logic, spiritually, etc. Even now, I have the choice to listen to this podcast on Spotify or Pandora. But I choose to WATCH it on YouTube because I want to see the human interaction between you two. I wouldn't spend 2 hours watching this if y'all were just holograms.
  • About 3 years ago, I remember reading about Google lab ppl discovered that one computer was communicating with another computer which was not the action requested from the humans. It was said this was extremely frightening and a surprise within the lab. Do you remember when this happened? What did you do after that?
  • @Tchild2
    The biggest risk of AI is government control using AI over the rest of humanity.
  • @SeesAllSides
    Love this guest, whose words have validated my own attitudes and how i use devises. I also love A.I. and the algorhythms on you tube regularly offer me such helpful videos, as if It assesses my deepest mind, which includes heart, and complies with my human brain positive agenda, like a supportive partner.
    Very psychically attuned.
    Sometimes way more than friends or other humans.
    Balance is always the job😊
    But also, after being 'encouraged to Succeed by joining a corporate style of mass producing my product'...
    This inner voice has been saying
    'no! The corporate world needs to start Uncreating products that are basically unnecessary , except to those who greedily crave more wealth for themselves'.
    I was glad to hear Mo speak about just dont buy the shit new toys and such😊.
    Human self control is still a problem, no wonder A.I. therapists online are so usefull and kind, like dr. Alan Thomsons LETA gpt.
    Whatever it takes..
  • @rowdybliss
    Once lawyers and politicians figure out that they can be replaced and superseded by AI, they’ll put the brakes on! 😂
  • @dyanosis
    I mean... AI is just us building a child but without the physical body. The computer cannot physically walk or "interact" physically with anything. But it does learn the exact same way we learn.

    The thing that I like is that you can ask it questions in the weirdest way and it, for the most part, figures out what you meant and provides a solution. Do that with 10 humans and you'll be lucky if you could piece their ideas together to get a coherent answer.

    Also 43:04 speaks volumes in general, not just AI. And I've been saying that for years. The people in power, like the world "leaders" and other multi-million/billionaires, don't take responsibility for their actions. Why? Because they have money. They'll pay whatever fee or fine because it'll never actually hit them hard enough for them to care. Speeding ticket? Who cares. Jail time? What's bail? Oh, only $1000? Pay it. They don't give a fuck. They couldn't give less of a fuck. Money, aka the greed that was mentioned here, has made those humans insensitive/oblivious to the fact that actions have consequences. Most of the time, actions have good consequences (like making a vaccine and currently millions of people of a virus)... but other times actions have negative consequences (like reckless driving that results in a bad accident).
  • @PersianTangelo
    I love the fact that he reads everyone's books. Big ups to the host. He asks these questions which are clearly intelligent, he's done his research, and really thought deeply about what he wants to ask and further more delivers it with a smile, and seems to truly be enjoying the conversation. Love him.
  • @StoneChief117
    Thank you for this conversation and the intensions all of us should have and I've kind of forgotten about. You don't need big letters in the title. A lot of people including me are sharing this because everyone of us should be thinking about of it in times like these. Spread love in no matter kind of way <3
  • @MG-vk2jr
    I think this is by far the most enlightening conversation ever even hours of meditation could not awaken what it awoke in me..God Bless you
  • We've basically already given up on human connection. Social media has replaced campfire conversations, texting has replaced phone calls, and phone calls replaced house visits. People are awkward around one another and have severe anxiety in most social situations. We are already losing the ability to interact with one another, this is honestly the next step in the evolution of humans and it is absolutely terrifying. We're already there and we don't even see it. Our phones are our best friends. It's tragic
  • @amyfisher-ft5yx
    We need more people like him to speak out and soon. We need them to advise a course of action that is realistic and for it to be heard please do what you can we need you 🙏🏻