CGI Animated Short Film: "Being Good" by Jenny Harder | CGMeetup

Published 2019-02-27
CGI 3D Animated Short Film: Being Good Animated Short Film by Jenny Harder. Featured on CGMeetup

“We are over 80 people that have been working on the short film BEING GOOD for the last 2 years. We received 2 Awards of Excellence and 3 Awards for Best Animated Short in 2018.”
Directorby Jenny Harder

Our story is about Embry and her two guardians, the Angel Ava and the Demon Mal who act as her conscience and – when they find out that Embry can actually see them – also as involuntary, surrogate parents for the runaway teen. While Ava and Mal could easily be considered as “good” and “evil” we quickly discover that they have very human personalities and flaws. Even more reason for Embry not to listen to their guidance. Being Good is about the concept of family and identity. Its about how our values are shaped and the fact that “being good” can mean something different to someone else entirely.

We started BEING GOOD as a proof of concept for a potential feature film which is why the format reflects more of an excerpt than a traditional short film. An amazing team of over 80 remote people world wide have been working on this and we are currently in conversation with several production companies about bringing BEING GOOD to life and actively looking for funding.

Please visit our homepage for more info & credits:

And we want to especially thank all our sponsors that have supported us throughout our journey: Studio Gobo, Artella, Solid Angle,, Syncsketch etc..

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CGI Animated Short Film: "Being Good" by Jenny Harder | CGMeetup


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All Comments (21)
  • @aaronpulley7528
    "You guys do know I can hear you, right?"

    And suddenly something's up and this short has 10,000% more sequel potential.
  • @DABurgosART
    I really like that it's not about good or evil. Both characters seem to care for the girl. They both feel they're doing what's best for her as a growing person.
  • 60% should be a movie
    29% devil and angel are a married couple
    10% how good the voices are
    1% the devil's too hot
  • @celisa11
    I would like two see a part two of this. See where is goes from what they have. Anyone else down?
  • @nighttail5276 no one gonna talk about the fact that a pigeon and a piece of paper were fighting to the death infront of a teenager?
  • This is exactly how in reality, when parents fight and they think that The kid doesnt hear them. So damn true...
  • @felinamegan6352
    Can we please talk about how awesome the voice actors are?!?!
  • @varundewan81
    The angel and the demon are like the animated version of Aziraphale and Crowley and I'm okay with that
  • Okay, but possessing a pigeon seems substantially more evil than making a flyer move
  • I love how they immediately go for the approach of them acting like a married couple and the girl is just not having it
  • @idris8372
    No one's gonna talk about the angel? She's absolutely beautiful!
  • I would watch a movie of this a thousand times over. Not only was it clearly not about good or evil since they both cared about the girl, but the animation and voice acting were brilliant. I love this so much.
  • @gothnerd887
    Fun fact if the angel and demon are her birth parents then she would be a creature known as a Nephalem and she would have great capacity for good or evil
  • @clarkstone439
    "You guys DO know I can hear you, right?"

    Options: Flight, Fight, or Freeze.

    What they both chose:

  • That devil can ruin my life any day

    Also, I love how his tail swishes around, it’s so cute
  • @Greek_Valkyrie
    This could be the plot for a show. Shes an orphan, they are sent to watch over her and of course influence her life. However, it turns out she can hear them, maybe even see them. They bicker like mom and dad and eventually adopt her, raising her leads them to fall for one another.

    Just a thought.
  • @be1692
    The symbolism in the scene is amazing
    The popped gum
    The trees
    The graffiti and etchings
    Even the jewelry