Why Sudan is on the Verge of Civil War

Published 2023-05-24
The Conflict in Sudan, Explained
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Sudan looks like it’s headed for civil war. The current conflict is centered around two generals, two men who are fighting over control of the countries’ future. But their battle has the potential to spiral into a civil war that could engulf the entire region.

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All Comments (21)
  • maaz ahmed
    Being Sudanese I appreciate you educating people on this so much
  • Jake Nali
    My head chef is Sudanese and has his entire family in the city. The hurt in this man’s eyes when i unknowingly asked him how his family was is something unmistakeable.

    War touches and effects people farther than most imagine.
  • Limb0
    I'm Sudanese and I'm so happy that an accurate telling of what's happening is reaching the YT audience. I can tell you've been speaking to Sudanese people when making this video. Peace for Sudan🙏
  • As a Sudanese, I am really happy that you covered this topic. I emigrated to saudi in 2013 and when this conflict happened, my aunt (from my mother's side) and my uncle (from my father's side) where both in there. Alhamdulilah they both evacuated last week. My uncle went to Egypt and my aunt came to Saudi through port sudan. May Allah punish hemedti and give peace to the Sudanese people.
  • Edigs
    My father is Sudanese. He said this was gonna happen in 2019, and here we are. A big part of his side of the family is still in Sudan, but they managed to escape from Khartoum in time. I hope everyone is gonna be okay.
  • Joyce
    Having travelled and worked in Sudan - my latest trip to Khartoum was last January, only months before the fighting started. I really appreciate this explanation and I've actually sent it to friends and family who were asking me for an explanation of the conflict. I would be very interested in a video specifically on the relationships between Sudan, Egypt and Ethiopia, as they contest control over the Nile, especially with Ethiopia building that big dam now. Thanks for the great work Johnny!
  • Henrik Orre
    As someone who’s not following the news, it’s great to have you Johnny explain the overall story of such events. Thank you!
  • sun flower
    I'm worried about the innocent people who have to suffer. I hope that this Sudanese conflict gets resolved peacefully and people can get back to their normal lives. Excellent video!!
  • ahmed abuzer
    I just want to thank you so much for raising awareness. I'm sudanese and it's honestly heartbreaking how so many are dying in my country without any recognition from the rest of the world. And while so many leaders are turning a blind eye, thank you for helping give our people a voice.
  • Tudor Dima
    Thanks, Johnny for all the great content. Always amazed by how you and your team create videos about the subjects that are most interesting to me. One thing - when you showed the map of Russia, Crimea was included, but almost no country considers it official Russian territory.
  • Baraka Adil
    As a Sudanese Who's been following your Amazing reports and currently inside of Sudan
    I'm feeling happy that you've really explained the conflict in a very accurate way
    Sudanese People Long for Peace And Prosperity
    Thank you ❤️🇸🇩
  • Elfadil Osman
    Hey Johnny! Greatly appreciate you making this video and bringing light to the fighting taking place in my home country. I was in Khartoum when the fighting broke out, and it shocked us all. I did want to say that I've heard conflicting reasons for why the fighting started, and who is responsible for it. In the video, you state that it was action taken place by the RSF when the new agreement required the RSF to be absorbed into the SAF that led to the conflict (i.e. the attack on Burhan's compound). While true the RSF reportedly mobilized their forces first across Sudan before the conflict started, the reports I heard on the morning the violence broke out was that the SAF initiated violent action by attacking an RSF base in southern Khartoum. What I mean by all of this is that who started the violence, and for what reason is much more complicated than just Hemedti wanting to maintain his military-business enterprise. The SAF, especially the Islamic elite within the SAF (similar to the Muslim Brotherhood, and what in Sudan we call "Al-Kayzan") also have interests in disrupting and ending any hopes of democratic transition and civilian rule.
  • You're one of the only channels to shine a light on the democratic movement when analyzing this. Too often it is ignored in the narrative. Very informative.
  • EerierDutchess
    I feel ashamed. I live on the African continent and had no knowledge of this situation... Thanks for educating me, Johnny!
  • Jesusswe91
    Im just amazed on how much time and effort you put on these videos, to educate and widen the view on the world!
    We need more investigating journalists on conflicts that the rest of the mainstream media is not covering
  • mauryfi
    Thank you for making a video on this important issue. It would have been nice to include that The European Union financed the RSF in an attempt to "externalize its borders" - de facto outsourcing the responsibility for preventing irregular migration to third countries in exchange for large sums of money. Something many fellow journalists have extensively reported on. Also, as soon as the war broke out between the RSF and SAF, all diplomats and westerners were frantically evacuated and in the process they left behind many Sudanese, shredding passports that were held at embassies for various types of visa and work applications. Disgraceful and shameless to say the least...
  • Like always, top notch quality content from Johny! Thank you so much for shedding more light on yet another bloody conflict 🙏🏼
  • Thanks Johnny Harris & @Mu3azOsman for shedding light on what's happening in my home country with a quality video like we're used to! One small correction and addition there on an important period to the plot line that you've skipped (from post-revolution 2019 up to December 2022), where Burhan actually played a significant role in enabling and enlarging the RSF militia, and their marriage resulted in a coup d'etat in late 2021 on the civilian government of the transitional period. This is where it all started to crumble as tensions between the two started to rise over power and class ending with this atrocious conflict recking-havoc on the Sudanese people who have nothing to do with it.
  • André Dutra
    Dude I am always blown away by your editing. I’ve been watching for years and it’s always higher quality than what you see in most documentaries even. As someone who makes their own history videos I understand how much work you must put in on the editing. I’ve learned a lot from what you do, keep up the good work!
  • Aaron Smith
    Johnny, I just wanted to say a huge well done on this video format, your in-front of camera work travelling the world captivated me and kept me coming back to your channel. it made me feel connected to you as a journalist. 

    The variation that you've brought to your responsive content from around the world is top! 

    keep it going, if I could support you by subscribing I would and when I can I will. 

    It makes me feel educated on a whole new level!

    Your content has gotten me though some rough times!

    Huge love from the UK!
    Much love & appreciation,