FIZZ - Christmas Medley - Radio 1 Piano Sessions

Published 2023-12-03

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  • @yilba
    Fizz has been the best thing to come from this year for sure!! Beautiful medley and Martin’s “Merry Christmas” was a highlight. 😂
  • @eron8937
    My only criticism of this is that it’s not long enough!! I could watch a whole concert of Christmas songs ❤️
  • @rileysmith3038
    Beautiful!! I have to say, the chord progression at 2:58 reminded me of the very very end of Bohemian Rhapsody
  • @eykyra
    Everything about this is amazing, the combination of voices and talents, the aesthetic, the seamless medley, their chaotic good energy...
  • @rosiemu3765
    My two favourite things (Fizz and Christmas finally collided!!! This was so good, I need a whole Fizz album full of xmas songs!!!
  • @kili6783
    Fizz performing christmas songs is the only thing i need for a good christmas
  • @danmiles3531
    4 of the best voices in music all one band ♥️ So good you can even make overplayed Christmas tunes sound great!
  • @codibooker5091
    Mannnn I need this for the work Christmas playlist (been sneaking fizz onto the work playlists all year 👀👀👀)
  • @claraboe2755
    I dont care what anyone thinks - this is the continuation of dodies christmas song series!
  • @juanjsanchez1237
    Martin is definitely in the naughty list :D You are so talented, guys!
  • @user-ej5ks5ky3h
    Absolute class ❤ loved this Sunday night just stunning harmony’s ❤️
  • @Pfcesss
    Merry Christmas 🔔🙏🎆 GOD Bless us!
  • @baxterh7374
    This is AMAZING!!!! Happy FIZZMAS, love you all so much 💚❤️💚