Why are Americans choosing to quit their jobs in record numbers?

Published 2022-01-09
 The United States is seeing its highest “quit rate” since the government started keeping track two decades ago. Bill Whitaker speaks with employers who are scrambling to find help and people who left their jobs and aren’t looking back.

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All Comments (21)
  • Jazzie Red
    It's not a lack of employee problem, it's a lack of respect and pay problem.
  • Rhonda Vigil
    Employers are in denial.
    Employers expect loyalty from employees. Yet the employer is not loyal to the employee.
  • Dorris Behr
    Bad environment, low pay, employers are demanding more and paying less. I quit my job because I was expected to do the job of 3 people and constantly reprimanded for not being able to keep up. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has gone through this. A lot of businesses, corporations treat their employees like dirt, unimportant. They are way too many managers out there that have absolutely no people skills and are high on a power trip.
  • Stacy Andrews
    I've worked in retail for 20 years, so I'm quite happy that this is taking place. For too long, retail bullied me and a lot of my employees, telling us things like, "If you don't like it, go; another like you is waiting to get into your position." Since the virus, I've found a dream job that helps me grow, pays me more, and values me!
  • NY Grl
    Went to school for a year to learn web design, then found out that companies wanted to pay me $10 an hour to design and code - two different skill sets. Why don't you do a series on how people are forced to live on little pay and few hours. People are tired of being abused for peanuts.
  • Gaijin Goombah
    "Why are people quitting their jobs?" Doesn't bother asking people quitting their jobs.
  • Quinn
    I've worked in the food industry since I was 16, I am 30 now. I've never been offered a management position or any other kind of supervisory role so I opened my own restaurant in 2020. I got tired of being overlooked so I took my fellow co-workers and gave them a job at my restaurant with great pay, great benefits and I really did for them what my former jobs refused to do which is giving them "respect". So far I've had not one employee leave my business.
  • Kevin Mach
    Also let's take some social responsbility for ourselves- it's not JUST the companies that make jobs miserable. I talk to people in the service and retail industries and I personally spent years in IT. On the customer end, people are often entitled, impatient, and rude. It's far worse that what I remember it 20 years ago. Don't make your own workplace or that of someone else, needlessly toxic. Your Amazon package being a day late or waiting in line a little longer at the supermarket are not the end of the world. You will survive, I promise.
  • Queen Nefi
    I worked customer service since I was 15. Worked at a grocery store all through Covid. I quit January this year because I just couldn't keep going. I was run down, having anxiety attacks everyday, all from the abuse of the higher ups and the general public. I'm worth more than what they were paying me to deal with
  • Peter Northrup
    I've worked since I was 13. I walked the day I turned 55. It was always the plan. Nobody ever gave me a dime. I kept telling everyone at work I was going to leave. No one believed me. I left everything at my desk. Got up and left. I'm now 62. Just started S.S. All those years I worked my way up the ladder. When I got there I realized there was just more work. Get out early if you can.
  • CineSojourn
    The epiphany for me came 2 years after the pandemic my employer (a large multinational corporation) made millions in annual profits yet wages remained stagnant, expectations kept being pushed more and more, workloads got heavier, and hours kept getting cut so more work would fall on less people. I kept asking myself "Where is all of this money and profits going?" AND the work culture became increasingly toxic. Leaving was hard yet gave me so much relief and I began to realize I could do so much better for myself.
  • Diane
    I'm a senior citizen that recently applied for a job (65 applications)! Out of 65, I was offered 1 interview which I attended but did not get the job. I am college educated, but feel very much undervalued because of my age. Some of us want to work but can't find an employer to hire us.
  • Kent Slocum
    Having worked in retail, hospitality, and other service-sector jobs, none of this is surprising to me. It's not a worker problem, it's an employer problem. Employers want robots, not workers.
  • John David
    The fact employers don't respect a persons need for a personal life, is a major issue for me. I have never worked for someone else because I wanted to, it is always because I have to. Point being, when employers act as if they are entitled to all of my time... they lose all of my time.
  • Joe Avila
    Everyone is "hiring", saying they need workers/people. But hardly anyone can get those jobs because the qualifications are still almost impossible to meet. In a time where workers are needed, they are insisting on considering only the absolute perfect candidate. And then the pay offered is often barely enough at best.
  • Margaritas 🍸
    American workers are experiencing unprecedented declines in their real incomes, which is why record numbers have been forced to work multiple jobs to make ends meet. When we talk about 9.1% inflation, the media acknowledged the true rate of inflation of about 18%?
  • jokerswildio
    "Gone are the days of employers saying 'you are just lucky you have this job." Well it's about time!!
  • Yes I agree the pandemic made people realize that spending time with your children, husband and families is very important
  • Until you've worked in retail or dealt with the public, you'll never have a clue about how stressful it is dealing with arrogant, self absorbed, holier than thou, egotistical, self entitled people. And then there's the managers who treat you the same way.
  • Ross Malagarie
    Most bosses talk to employees like their kids yelling and disrespecting them, not paying a living wage, not wanting to provide health care, retirement, paid leave, paid holidays, then they wonder why people don't want to work for them