Las Vegas Raiders vs. Seattle Seahawks | 2022 Week 12 Game Highlights

Published 2022-11-27

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  • @nathankerr6938
    Josh Jacobs with 303 Total yards today. That is insane!
  • @hybridwolf66
    Hats off to the Raiders big guys! That was well played!
  • @Fbl115
    As a Seahawks fan I need to say that the raiders played very good in this game. Respect
  • @mileskerber8472
    As a Seahawks fan with Josh Jacobs on my fantasy team, the feeling I felt after that walk-off TD was indescribable
  • Man what a game and boy it's like teams forgot how to defend the run!! Running backs been really hurting these defenses. Awesome game though
  • @InflatableConans
    The stiff arm into the Netherealm started it all.

    Josh Jacobs with 303 total offensive yards on the 35th anniversary of Bo Jackson running 221 yards on the same exact team.

    What a legendary performance. What a game.
  • @SeattleFats
    Go Hawks.... but. We are consistently outrun by the other guys' offense and when we do catch up, we often just give 'em a hug and then fall down. There was a time when Hawks tackling was the best and we even posted some of our training videos.
  • @trueempire8948
    Great game. Definitely the biggest win for the Raiders this season.
  • @SSJ3rocks
    Too bad Jacobs didn't run into the tunnel on that final run like Bo Jackson did. That would've been the cherry on top.
  • So wished the NFL aired this game in my area rather than leaving me stuck with Rams-Chiefs. This was awesome to keep track of!
  • @likekai
    What a block by Jakob Johnson on the last play 🇩🇪
  • As a Seahawks fan, that was a good back n forth game to watch. Thanks and well done LV!
  • I was at the game and it was amazing!!! Seriously the best game I’ve ever seen in person. It helps I was 7 rows up from the field on the 30, on the Seahawks side. It was the most fun I’ve had in a very long time. Just win baby!!!!!!
  • @bplup6419
    As a Raider fan, the way this game started, I did not have high expectations.
  • @johndolan5076
    what an incredible game one of the best games this season