There's an alien IN MY HOUSE!

Published 2023-05-23
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A group of teen aliens must take a detour when one of them discovers how delicious human snack-food is. 3D Character Effects done primarily with the use of WonderDynamics

Created by Peter France
Produced by Jordan Coleman

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All Comments (21)
  • @TheEret
    Can't believe this was mostly made by one person in a single week! Excited to see where new technology takes us!
  • Just unbelievable that you can accomplish that at all, let alone in one week 🤯
  • @Somniuh
    this NEEDS to become a series. Absolutely LOVED these alien characters and the fish out of water premise.
  • @masonparker24
    The comedy in this piece is terrific. Maybe a little fast paced but genuinely more laughs in this than a lot of big budget “comedy” movies. The characters are amazing as well. Thank you Peter!
  • @colinjenkins6196
    This video is a definite proof of concept.

    1:46 The natural motion really sells the scene, it’s crazy how rapidly vfx is developing
  • I know The animation is the main focus here, but I highly appreciate the scripting of the aliens as well! So good!
  • @bobkeaton3234
    If he pulled this off in a week, imagine if he had a month. This definitely could be a series on their website.
  • @Zidzsi
    I absolutely love that at 2:59 Austin is seen in the mirror without cgi :)
  • @domramsey
    This is legitimately one of the best things Corridor have done. The acting is spot on too!
  • @ThePureEast
    Would be interesting to know if the software could also capture actors in reflections like at 2:59 or if that would need to be done manually.
  • @SaTales3D
    This is absolutely incredible! I love it so much and can't believe that Peter made it in one week!
    I can't wait to see even more work from Peter and the rest of the crew :)
  • @PersonYayyy
    There is a tiny bit of oddness with the movements (especially with the face) but overall it looks incredible! Hard to think that this was done with all new tools in only a week! Fantastic work.
  • @jdniff6498
    I wonder what animation artists from the early days of disney or even starwars would say if you showed this film and said it took you a week to make. Amazing as always, I hope you guys pull everyone together and make some awsome films with the new tech.
  • I’m late, but this is absolutely epic for one dude in a week. This looks so good given the constraints and it’s hilarious. The writing genuinely made me laugh. Good job dudes
  • @LAkadian
    This needs to be a full length movie. Great dialogue and voice acting too guys! Very endearing characters.
  • @HandleDisliker
    Peter is one of those creators who will create nostalgia years later
  • @brillcouncil4584
    Absolutely fantastic, congrats on a massive achievement! I really appreciate how hard y'all are pushing the envelope, keep it up.
  • @wr1ght939
    I always love watching these before the breakdowns/behind the scenes.
  • @aggrogahu
    I love to see what Corridor can create with groundbreaking technology.I think the lip sync isn't quite there, but I assume that's just an inherent limitation of the technology when having that flat kind of mouth design. The expression in the eyes come through really well though, and the motion overall is incredibly smooth.
  • @viagray8098
    I NEED more of this..

    Dude you legitimately just created a super cool entertaining concept.