There's an alien IN MY HOUSE!

Published 2023-05-23
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A group of teen aliens must take a detour when one of them discovers how delicious human snack-food is. 3D Character Effects done primarily with the use of WonderDynamics

Created by Peter France
Produced by Jordan Coleman

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All Comments (21)
  • Eret
    Can't believe this was mostly made by one person in a single week! Excited to see where new technology takes us!
  • That'll Work
    Just unbelievable that you can accomplish that at all, let alone in one week 🤯
  • Bob Keaton
    If he pulled this off in a week, imagine if he had a month. This definitely could be a series on their website.
  • Colin Jenkins
    This video is a definite proof of concept.

    1:46 The natural motion really sells the scene, it’s crazy how rapidly vfx is developing
  • Manish Das
    To be honest, my initial reaction to the video was negative because I felt it didn't meet the standard set by Corridor. However, after watching the Behind the Scenes footage, I realize how foolish I was. Peter, you did an amazing job. The VFX were fantastic, despite some minor imperfections considering the tight timeframe of just one week.

    Loved the video. Guys keep it up <3
  • Mason Parker
    The comedy in this piece is terrific. Maybe a little fast paced but genuinely more laughs in this than a lot of big budget “comedy” movies. The characters are amazing as well. Thank you Peter!
  • PersonYay
    There is a tiny bit of oddness with the movements (especially with the face) but overall it looks incredible! Hard to think that this was done with all new tools in only a week! Fantastic work.
  • Somniuh
    this NEEDS to become a series. Absolutely LOVED these alien characters and the fish out of water premise.
  • Logan Rosenthal
    Peter, I don’t care if you use Wonder Dynamics or not, but we require a film or series of these characters exploring our solar system.
  • Dom
    This is legitimately one of the best things Corridor have done. The acting is spot on too!
  • Jeb Nordost
    I absolutely adore how the Aliens talk. Aside from the technological marvel, this is an amazing short
  • Well done Peter. It's unbelievable that you could do all this in a week. It's extremely impressive and entertaining!
  • WR1GHT
    I always love watching these before the breakdowns/behind the scenes.
  • ThePureEast
    Would be interesting to know if the software could also capture actors in reflections like at 2:59 or if that would need to be done manually.
  • Rich M
    Just wow. 1 week. 6 minutes of footage and 1 person. You could make a whole movie by yourself in 2 1/2 months or a team of 10-20 people in a week!

    That is just insane to think about.
  • Nirman Chowdhury
    The characters were so so cute! You do know you have turn this into a series? We want to see more of their adventures.
    Also Peter! so fuckin talented.
  • Chronic
    Peter never disappoints. Amazing as always.
  • Brad the Jew
    I love these characters!!! This was so well made, we need more of them
  • sottozen
    You guys are always one step ahead. Another exceptional job!!
  • InfernoTheGreat
    I know The animation is the main focus here, but I highly appreciate the scripting of the aliens as well! So good!