Cracking Any Lock from $1 to $500

Published 2023-11-25

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  • @CCoburn3
    I was a counter-intelligence officer in the Army. As far as physical security goes, we knew that locks only serve one purpose -- to keep honest people honest.
  • @Firenamer2
    Watching LockPickingLawyer has taught me two lessons: 1. Masterlocks are bad 2. If a thief really wants something, a lock won't stop them. But, locks can be used to keep people away who doesn't want your stuff that badly.
  • @CDL_Gaming
    Thank you for the KG to Desert Eagle conversion. As an American I struggle with metric units of weight, but converting it to firearm units made it much simpler to understand.
  • @Meowhsss
    10:11 “About a Desert Eagle in American Units.” 😂😂😂
  • The shift from the normal skill videos to like this humour filled one is actually impressive...this is a good one...keep doing it man.
  • @markonikolic1386
    Funny how he watches a LPL video about a wrench method and still does it the harder way
  • @ZawHtetLinn8623
    The wounds on Mike's hand showcase the level of dedication he puts into his videos.
  • @dewaltdrill409
    2:52 hey man, I love the shoes. Don’t matter where you got them. If you like them that’s all that matters
  • I got so many genuine chuckles out of this video while simultaneously being on the edge of my seat. Pretty exciting seeing a LPL clip lol
  • @hawkdracano3840
    The one thing that people always forget with locks is that a chain is only as strong as it's weakest link. The maximum effectiveness for any lock is for it to be easier for a thief to break the container instead.
  • @aadityarraj
    I died when you said 2 kilos is about a desert eagle. Top tier
  • @DarioDAdderio
    14:14 "Or refuse to follow the standards of modern society, sell all your possessions so you got nothing left that can be stolen and go live on a mountain summit." pause at the right time to see it OR if on PC use the , and . keys to view the video frame by frame.
  • @Mannlymann
    I feel like this video has more humour that the other ones and I like it
  • @peash6904
    I'm a thief now. Thank you man 👀
  • @saintkenny9296
    The burn test part with the matches reminds me when I was a kid we use to wrap aluminum foil around the head of the match and make a hollow point at the match head and when we ignite the match inside it would take off like a little match rocket traveling 4 to 6 feet. The good old days!