CGI Animated Short Film: "Pharaoh" by Derrick Forkel, Mitchell Jao | CGMeetup

Published 2018-08-30
CGI 3D Animated Short Film: Pharaoh Animated Short Film by Derrick Forkel, Mitchell Jao at the School of Visual Arts. Featured on CGMeetup

A young new pharaoh must face down tradition and family in order to find her place as a ruler

Pharaoh Animated short film directed by Derrick Forkel and Mitchell Jao. Created at the School of Visual Arts.
Derrick Forkel - Shading, Modeling , Lighting , Compositing , and Grooming
Mitchell Jao - Cinematography , Animation , and Character TD
Massive thank you to all the underclassmen that chipped in , the voice actors and our incredible composer Omar Habbak who helped bring the piece all together.

Derrick Forkel -
Mitchell Jao -
Omar Habbak -
Making Of on

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CGI Animated Short Film: "Pharaoh" by Derrick Forkel, Mitchell Jao | CGMeetup


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All Comments (21)
  • LSN 08
    I love the fact that even as a kid, and a female no less, the advisor might not like what she says, but he still does it.
  • Rachel
    "you've done nothing to put an end to this"
    Dude, she's like ten. She doesn't even know the mitochondria is the power House of the cell yet.
  • Princess Brave
    Ok but can we talk about how gorgeous the animation, art style, and the girl is?
  • Amy Kanilia88
    This should be made into a full length movie. She could possibly be the first pharaoh from her generation. Who wants change I would love to see what happens next.
  • Tyara Oliver
    “You’ve done nothing to put an end to this.”
    He says to a child
  • e
    "You've done nothing to put an end to this!"
    It looks like she just got promoted 10 minutes ago calm down
  • Emerald Head
    I like that at the beginning, she sat like a nervous kid at a desk. It seemed to represent her hesitation in ruling the kingdom. But by the end, she accepted it and sat in a more confident pose, symbolizing her control. It’s subtle but important!

    Edit: Holy moly! I’m famous!!
  • Lotus Jewell
    This needs to be a full length movie and to be kept away from Disney's tainted fingers. They would ruin it in seconds flat
  • Jb Dotado
    Did you know that there only had been 3 women that become a pharoah:
  • Jawaria Khan
    Can we just appreciate the graphics and the designs of the characters? And the details on their clothing and jewelries?
  • Weren’t the laborers of the tomb’s actually respected workers that were actually paid and treated fairly decent?
  • Myśtii•Såph
    This should be a movie!
    This is really good.
    Honestly looks like a trailer
  • ETPS
    If this were an actual movie, I'd pay good money to see it. It's amazing!! :D
  • Mr X
    "You've done nothing to put an end to this!"
    Dude she's practically just inherited her fathers throne what do you expect her to do?
  • Obinna Ijeomah
    I like how the dude is calm and patient with her knowing in time she'll get the hang of things like her father did
  • Gamerz Idol
    The sound effects, music and everything Is perfect, I wish there was a full movie for this, there are so many feelings behind it
  • Squ Designs
    “I am the morning and the evening star~ I must maintain the ancient traditions, I bare the weight of my father’s crown.”
  • J Wh
    Would definitely love to see an extended movie or sequel about this young Pharaoh's reign, as she learns to wield the Crook and Flail with more confidence. Women were more powerful and prominent in Ancient Egypt than most people realise.
  • Fleurperdue
    Damn I'd watch an entire movie of this, the animation is gorgeous and the story of a young child queen coming to power and maturing and growing up sounds amazing. Where can we fund this ?!