Amnesia: The Bunker - Part 3

Published 2023-07-02

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  • @J_A_Niss
    Mark's habit of revving his VERY LOUD flashlight at least twice to warn the monster of his presence is peak markiplier.
  • @pinktribble
    For somebody who plays a LOT of games where being observant and scanning every inch of screen is imperative, Mark's REALLY good at totally missing Clement's locker EVERY DAMN TIME!!!
  • Barricading the holes on the walls with heavy objects is actually a game changing mechanic and mark is once again missing out
  • @ShailaWu
    41:42 I loved this moment. You spend hours in a bunker underground trying to escape from monsters after your flesh, with the only reminder of the outside world being muffled explosions dozens of feet above, and then suddenly your break the surface only to be shot at, reminding you "oh yeah I'm still at war" eventually wondering if getting out is better than staying in. Bravo devs!
  • @grim504
    this whole playthrough has just given me the "crazy I was crazy once, they locked me in a room, a rubber room, a rubber room with rats, rats make me crazy" vibes
  • @DaemonWolf-wg5ln
    I love how Mark is like "nothing but molotovs" but 2 of them were just empty bottles with rags in them 😭😭😭
  • @StaufferGarage
    Holy crap this game is insane... I remember resident evil freaking me out back in the day but today's games aare a whole different level
  • Mark, just so you know. The reason the monster opened the cabinet door you were hiding in is because you sprinted for it. The monster's AI checks places it heard noise come from, and since you were making a full dash for the cabinet, it assumed you hid inside it because of the noise you were making when you ran. When going to hide somewhere, stop sprinting when you get relatively close to the hiding spot, and make sure you're not visible from where the monster patrols. If a light is shining by a bed for instance, it will be able to see you underneath the bed.
  • @SaceSpage
    8:57 Sign barricading door: "RATS KEEP OUT"
    Mark: Ha. This sign can't stop me, because I'm not a rats.
  • @bigthecat4276
    4:47 I haven't kept up with Markiplier as much as I used to, so this may be incorrect, but this is the most genuine scream I've heard him make in years. That noise suppression on the mic was working double time holy shit
  • @sonryku534
    i love how mark is chilling in the closet hiding from the monster and then the monster opens the door like "yo bro the pizza is done" scaring the shit outa mark lmao
  • Mark: I'm about to do the best Amnesiaing I can
    Mark: Jumps into a pile of rats and gets mauled to death
  • @Solarp1llaR
    This game perfectly encapsulates the feeling of bolting to your room after turning off the last light in the living room
  • @woop3ie
    22:31 "wait" and "can I have that back" absolutely killed me 😭 gotta love mark for his stupidity sometimes
  • Mark throwing the empty bottle and just shouting just after 'what just happened' totally made me laugh
  • @maddoxio
    The absolute power move that is Mark using the flashlight when the creature is right in front of him.
  • I love the look on Mark's face as he keeps re-learning just how much noise his flashlight makes every time he charges it, lol
  • @SusDoctor
    Markiplier is the only guy to do the opposite of what the game tells you to do but still survive