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Published 2022-06-15

My Demeanor is the Meaner - It's Felonious
Money was the cure to my loneliness
I'm contemplating total domination - Got me thinking like a globalist
Seek no recognition Obvious my skill is not Anonymous

Hand over Fist - That's how I plan my invasion
When she buss it like a Grape - My banana's Raisin'
I go One hundred percent : Half-man/Half-Amazin'
Never been a Scrub : Operate with no abrasion

I'm so special Got the skill to cater your occasion
Cross the Country - War path that got the Wes Craven
So not Dracula Swing a bat your chest cave-in
Mint condition - Fresh to Death - In the box you came-in

Make you listen I came for my chicken Lemon pepper Cajun
Then I Introduce you to the monster I was keeping Caged in
Put an opp in the obituary section - Page ten
Cold case Loyalty and silence among Made men

Race! To the money Ready set Say When!
Then I start spitting up a loogie I got Gray Phlegm
Fuck with no bitch who think she a Barbie - I'm no Fake Ken
Got no patience for high maintenance

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