I sent robot forgeries to a handwriting expert

Published 2023-05-27
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Special thanks to Ron Morris for taking the time to analyze a bunch of writing samples that I sent him. I got in touch with him after getting his textbook to learn more about the subject: www.amazon.com/dp/0124096026

This robot uses a tormach ZA6 to tend the writing robot: tormach.com/machines/robots.html
Heres the 3D printers we designed in onshape: hubs.ly/Q01RNGdr0

Machine learning Resources:
Generating Sequences with Recurrent Neural Networks: arxiv.org/abs/1308.0850
Code for Handwriting Synthesis with RNNs: github.com/sjvasquez/handwriting-synthesis
If you want to learn more about machine learning, this is a good overview that gets into the math behind them:    • But what is a neural network? | Chapt...  

Other stuff:
LSTM cell image By Guillaume Chevalier - File:The_LSTM_Cell.svg, CC BY-SA 4.0, commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=109362147

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  • @StuffMadeHere
    Thanks to the generous support of patrons I've been able to move my shop multiple times with less fear of going bankrupt. I've been wanting to send out something cool as a way of saying thank you, which led to the creation of this robot. If you're interested in helping to support these projects you can join the patreon at patreon.com/stuffmadehere. I'm not sure how long this robot will work, but I'll be sending out postcards to new patrons until its inevitable demise...
  • @Jellooze
    I cant believe you managed to create machine learning code for doctors handwriting on the first try
  • @lavre8045
    It is really not difficult to know why people like your work: The experiments, the projects, the failures, the tips, the video and sound quality, and a lot of other reasons, makes them likeable. New sub here.
  • Is anyone really going to talk about how the wife managed to correctly decipher every fake card despite not being completely obvious and apart manage to see the ploptwist of the last 4 letters? If she is not a detective then she is not in the right job
  • @russellinator
    I'm surprised pen pressure on the paper wasn't more of a problem. Seems like the robots perfect line darkness would stand out more.
  • @GospodinJean
    A very very few people in the world got what it takes to produce videos like this. Technical and theoretical knowledge, a good sense of humor, and video editing skills. this man deserves a medal!
  • @PhlyDaily
    i just googled for a tormach robot to see if i can get one lol
  • @Jakerton
    FINALLY. So glad to see another vid from you! You’re the most committed creator on this platform and I love your story telling / humor.
  • @cXspXr
    personally, i think the idea of you putting all of this work into a cool personalized project that can automatically write cards for people is more endearing than just writing a bunch of cards, because like anyone can do that. you put your own personal touch on the idea and that makes it special.
  • @tlbennett1973
    I love your videos! From the “wouldn’t it be easier to just write them out? - we don’t talk about that here.” To the way your wife interacts with you! Reminds me of my wife. I get the same exact look when she’s thinking “Stop being stupid!”. 😂
  • @malingehring165
    Your training process, and failures afterwards remind me of my early days in computers in high school. We "wrote" programs on a paper teletypewriter, using a computer program named BASIC. Each line was numbered, resulting in hundreds or thousands of lines of commands. The we hIt "RUN". and would wait to see what the computer would do. each run resulted in "successive approximations" until we got it to run. That was in 1973! Wow, I thought that those days were over! Great video.
  • If you did not watch this video's sponsor you are a monster. All of the hard work aside, the genuine explanation and request to just hear out the sponsored content was so pure I ended up making 3 accounts with Onshape.
  • @gavdav1299
    My first time ever on this channel. I just love so much when I see someone doing exactly what they were put on this earth to do. This is as perfect as a YouTube video gets. Bravo 👏🏼
  • @MisaMapache
    What I learned from this channel over the years is that in order to do less work you have to do more work than you originally had to.
  • @jonl2917
    Before the forensic part, I assume pressure levels will do too constant over all the letters, you don’t always push with the same amount of force, sometimes letters come out lighter or thicker because of that and I didn’t see that accounted for
  • @nop3noperson
    Your videos have great quality! Ron in a follow up video will be seen for the first time in this way. His work can be introduced to all of us!
  • "if you're wondering whether this is more work than just writing out the cards... We don't talk about that around here."

    As a software developer/automator... This really hit home.

    I can't tell you how many times I've spent a few hours automating a process that only takes 10 minutes...

    It's not about the time or the work, necessarily... It's so satisfying to finally get some automation to work, even if it's not going to bring huge gains in efficiency
  • @grafologos
    It is truly impressive how human beings can recognize legitimate writing through participant observation. What if you reverse the process and create a robot that identifies a false signature or writing instead of the script learning machine?
    excellent work congratulations
  • Your videos always ignite the spark in me to be an inventer ,and push me to learn further
  • @jacobreich99
    Miss you man. But I know you will be worth the wait! You're an amazing engineer!