Kendall Jenner Breaks Down 16 Looks, From KUWTK to the Met Gala | Life in Looks | Vogue

Published 2022-09-22
The new season of the HULU show, The Kardashians, premieres on September 22.

Model Kendall Jenner breaks down her biggest style hits and misses. Kendall talks all about her most memorable looks, from the beginning of "Keeping Up With The Kardashians," to her first runway shows and Vogue covers.

Director: Alexandra Gavillet
Director of Photography: Tamara Santos
Editor: Alana McNair
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Associate Producer: Courtney Walden
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Production Assistants: Phillip Arliss, Devin Beckwith
Filmed at: The Maybourne Beverly Hills
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All Comments (21)
  • roma L
    No one can deny…that her orange Versace met gala dress is the BESTTTT she’s ever looked. Can’t be topped
  • Marie Samyn
    I love the way she talks about herself. She is really proud of herself.
  • Dylana Jones
    I can definitely see how humble mature and comfortable Kendall has grown into. This is the first interview I feel I saw her personality really come out.
  • Amore Deloris
    I'm honestly amazed how she has such a "normal" voice compared to other Kardashians/Jenners
  • quaintleaf
    i love that kendall doesn't demean her younger outfits, even if she wouldn't wear them now.
  • E.J
    I love how she gives praise to all of her glam teams, that shows humility and grace. Definitely the most real of the Kardashian/Jenner's. She's stunning and seem to have great values.
  • Maša P
    This was the first interview of hers where I feel like you can really see her personality shine through and you can tell she has grown in this chill and mature version of herself🥰 go kenny!
  • Caped Baldy
    I'm not her fan or anything but can't deny that she's drop-dead-gorgeous. Girl looks good in every angle.
  • Priyanka
    I loved her met gala 2021 look😍
  • ayman
    the improvement in her walk and the evolution in her fashion style is amazing. can’t wait to see what she does in the future.
    the way she credits every designer and everything, she seems like such a sweet person-don’t understand why some people can dislike her.
  • Sthabile Xulu
    I like how she gives credit to every disigner, makeup artist, brand, friends or family member who contributed to her beautiful fashion sense
  • kat
    she's radiating great energy lately, really enjoying seeing this side of her!! also, her September Met Gala look is absolutely stunning, one of my favourite looks ever
  • Hira Tanwir
    I actually can't believe she's older than Kylie..
  • A A
    She definitely has the best style in her family 😍
  • Jaz R
    Kendall has an aura to her. Love her chill vibe.
  • Kat
    This is one of my favorite Kendall interviews! She seems so inspired and speaks with passion when discussing fashion.
  • Riddhi Sharma
    Kendall's 2021 Met Gala look was just chefs kiss <3
  • Dena Rendall
    Kendall’s most recent MET looks really have been phenomenal
  • Timestamps:
    0:14 - Viewing party of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" 2007.
    0:47 - Marc Jacobs Fall show 2014.
    1:44 - Met Gala 2014, "Charles James: Beyond Fashion" dress by Topshop.
    2:44 - Photo for "Vogue" US December 2015 issue, photograph by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott.
    3:51 - Givenchy menswear Spring/Summer 2016 show.
    4:14 - Cover for "Vogue" US September 2016 issue, photograph by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott.
    5:13 - 2016 Coachella music festival.
    5:34 - Photo for "Vogue" US March 2017 issue, photograph by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott.
    6:24 - Met Gala 2018, "Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination" posing with Virgil Abloh.
    7:28 - Bike ride in New York City, United States 2018.
    8:06 - Met Gala 2019, "Camp: Notes on Fashion" posing with her sister Kylie.
    9:24 - Photo with her sister Kylie Halloween 2020.
    9:59 - Met Gala 2021, "In America: A Lexicon in Fashion" dress by Givenchy by Matt Williams.
    11:21 - Prada Fall/Winter show 2022.
    11:50 - Trip to Paris, France 2022.
    12:55 - Lunch at The Abby of San Fruttuoso, Portofino 2022.