How to Know If You REALLY Love Jesus (With Greg Laurie)

Published 2020-07-30
Peter denied Jesus three times, however, Jesus knew that Peter loved him and gave him the chance to redeem himself. Do you really love Jesus? Pastor and Teacher Greg Laurie lays out 6 ways that you can know for sure if you REALLY love Jesus! Taken from the John 21

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  • Ellie Preacher
    I’m listening from Sweden 🇸🇪 to all your teachings pastor Greg! So much joy and wisdom of God is defining your teachings! Amazing! Jesus bless you 🙏🏻❤️
  • Gloria Vera
    Great message! Help me see that I need to examine my life and heart. I need to let my actions speak louder than my thoughts and words. I need more of shim and less of me!
  • Mary Owen
    HE is the Bread of Life Whom we must “eat” to receive 🥰✝️❤️
  • Ray Santiago
    46 years later I still enjoy listening to Pastor Greg Laurie with a refreshing heart, mind and soul for God. What a BLESSING FROM GOD! ♥️🏜️😎👍🇺🇲🌵
  • Tracy Carter
    Hi from Malta here.thank you so much for the teachings that you do.God bless you and everyone here.❤
  • Brandon Standefer
    This sermon was fantastic. Praying for God to continue using Pastor Greg and his ministry to help people.
  • Gary Huck
    I enjoy watching your videos Greg! Regarding your question about being married. I am a 75 year old bachelor. Never had a serious relationship in my life. I guess i prefer living and being alone. Am i lonely? No, i have Jesus and the Holy Spirit.
  • Valerie Edgar
    Excellent message particularly for re-evaluation of one's christian life. God bless.
  • Brayden Smith
    Pray for me I’m very bitter and selfish and playing with sin. I want to love God with my whole heart but I can’t climb out of this hole in I .
  • J T
    Love this message -- really a way to "audit" yourself. And I love Jesus!
  • iga ninja
    Thank you for updating with new content. Great blessing
  • southwife
    Thanks, Greg. That was indeed a great and timely Blessing.
  • Mary Owen
    Jesus performs miracles NOT magic. We must interact with His Spirit to see the hand of God move on our behalf.
  • Rose Gonzalez
    Amen thank you Pastor Greg for this video! Helps me keep in touch with Jesus and puts things in perspective for me!! I appreciate all you do for God and Us!
  • Scott Norris
    Who is the only person that you have ever heard of who walked on this earth, died on the cross, raised on the third day, seen by many, now sits at the right hand of God and coming back to fix all of this worlds problems?
  • Debbie Blue
    It has taken me 10 years, together healed enough thank you Lord helping me to be a fighter, so I can get better and healed so I can go back FSCJ in January to finish my AA and get off SSDI. So when I die or am in heaven. My money goes to God!