Nerd Waddle Dee fancam 🤓 ♥

Published 2022-04-10

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  • Veno
    “Kirby please stop beating up Meta Knight for rare stones” 🤓
  • Mister Box Head
    "You see Kirby's fire ability works like this: Kirby produces Liquefied Petroleum Gas which is the gas you have on your kitchen stove, he basically spits out this gas and a small spark ignites inside him like a lighter making him able to spit fire, and basically the same thing happens when he becomes a fireball, but the difference is that kirby's body releases the Liquefied Petroleum gas"🤓
  • Razor
    “Well aschually, Kirby didn’t destroy multiple gods over a slice of cake”🤓
  • NB Gaming
    "Kirby, please stop glitching out of bounds to grind rare stones" 🤓
  • Oliver Skin0ff
    "Please stop hitting our king in the ribs with a lead pipe" 🤓
  • Khyon
    “Actually Termina, Kirby, and some of the Dark Matters are able to recreate items or people from memory and past experiences. The same way Void Recreated his Titan body, 02 Wings, Spears, Master Crowns, Axe and Elemental Ultra Swords, Kirby summoned replicas of the friends he made along the way in the Canon ending. This comes from Void’s power to give thoughts and emotions life. And was also shown when the clone of Dark Matter Swordsman pulled out the rainbow Sword, the same weapon that defeated him the first time. This could explain why Void shares Zero & Dark Matter’s attacks and even some attacks from Zero’s Mirror World Counterpart.” 🤓
  • Sneedling
    “Please do not brutalize our loyal king just because somebody stole your cake and you wrongfully assumed it was him”🤓
  • StickMaster500
    “No please stop tearing off my limbs and beating me with them 🤓”
  • Nahuel Amonte
    “Please don’t call me a nerd. I didn’t get a job as a commentator just so people could disrespect me.” 🤓
  • DiamondCom
    "Please save all the Waddle Dees!" 🤓
  • ChicaGaming Z
    "Please don't inhale the cinema patrons" 🤓
  • KingSpinda
    “Now you see according to Kirby lore, none of the actual soul bosses are canon, therefore you should not complete them as they are pointless unless you are trying to waste your time” 🤓
  • Franniel Martinez
    "Actually, Fecto Elfilis is based on a cat fetus, explaining the infant look in Elfilin" 🤓
  • Olive
    “Meta Knight please stop beating up Gorimondo in the colesseumn over 30 times” 🤓
  • sartasm
    “Kirby please stop breaking the fabric of reality with a squeaky hammer and entering an arena that shouldn’t even exist, thereby robbing me of my rare stones” 🤓
  • Tamangos
    “Kirby’s offense has made his opponent desperate things are about to get tough” 🤓
  • Tangerino
    “Since Galacta Knight hasn’t appeared in the story mode of a mainline game he has never canonically existed” 🤓