Do these mental health products even do anything?

Published 2022-11-14

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  • lincoln
    One day i turned on drew gooden and my grandma immediately said “i hate this guy.” And i now i think about it everytime i watch him
    You should’ve just strapped an electric toothbrush to various areas on your body. Not only would that device generate soothing vibrations, but it also has a clinically proven ability to help fight plaque and gingivitis.
  • Hannah H
    Watching Drew's cat in the background did more for my anxiety than any of these products probably would
  • bilishu aliss
    The transformation of Drew’s content over the years from ranting about terrible influencers to terrible products is amazing and seamless.
  • Today was my last day in my Psychology 101 class and my professor put this video in her slideshow as an example of how she also gets really pissed off about predatory business practices like these. She loves this video and was really relieved to hear that everybody else is also sick of this type of thing.
  • Therese Ivy
    I find it adorable how Drew having two different hair colors fighting on his head makes him resemble Amity Blight if she was a grown ass man still throwing shade at Jeremy Renner lmao
  • Emma <3
    the way to tell how much time has passed has never been easier than watching drews blue hair slowly turn more and more into a seasick green while his roots grow in
  • HelderRoze
    Drew speaking about mental illness and anxiety like it’s something natural. Thank you.
  • dizzyella
    Funnily enough, my mental health went to rock bottom for like a month straight earlier this year and I went and rewatched most of drew's videos whenever I was having a bad time and you know what? They made me laugh so much during a dark time and made me feel okay for a bit. I don't need a stupid headband!....just a dude talking about said stupid headband (but yeah, love ya drew)
  • So the one semi-positive one is just a tech bro version of breathing into a paper bag.
  • EnderAmethyst
    To me the pebble egg thing theoretically COULD do some good. Sort of like when a cat sits on your chest and purrs, a vibrating weight on a person with anxiety’s chest could work similar to a weighted blanket. Nothing medical about it, just comfort.
  • Noaart
    Poor kitty was just going to go in and out and probably in and out again, and now it is stuck with Drew's ramblings lol. Look how patient it is, waiting and grooming, and sleeping and walking around and not interrupting - very distinguished! (:
  • jan܁fm
    Wow, Drew! You got smarter and smarter over the course of the video. At the start of it, you bought these dumb products and at the end you stopped buying these dumb products.

    These things must work!
  • Spoot Johnson
    I'm proud of Drew for finally leaving his ninja phase, they really do grow up so fast
  • Julie
    Hey Drew, interoception is the sense of interpreting internal sensations. Hunger, thirst, racing heart, tiredness etc. Often people who are oversensitive to this sense, experience symptoms of anxiety as your brain misinterprets the physiological discomfort as you are in danger. No idea what this product is but interception is real. Other senses not often taught are proprioception (knowing where your body is in space) and vestibular (your sense of balance/ knowing how your head is moving against gravity).
  • I'll never skip Drew's ads because I'm worried he'll end up with credit card debt at the rate he's buying things
  • I love this two for one debunking of "it's your fault you can't function because of your mental health" and "it's your fault you can't function because you didn't buy our product". This video was a weirdly refreshing reminder of the seemingly obvious truth that neither is the case.
  • gabi
    are we just gonna ignore drew's guitar skills 😭⁉️
  • Slarty Bartfast
    Jokes aside, the fact that drew talks about his panic attacks in such a casual non chalant way makes everyone feel less self conscious to talk about their own mental health and that's amazing. Personally, I have been suffering from anxiety for most of my life and had some periods of depression. The things that have helped me the most was getting therapy and using the strategies they gave me such as mindfulness and grounding when I had a panic attack. Also just having good sleep, diet and regular exercise can help majorly with mental health as well as physical health