This Is Why a Psychopath Is a Stellar Detective

Published 2023-05-15
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This Is Why a Psychopath Is a Stellar Detective - Shadows of Doubt - Let's Game It Out

#LetsGameItOut #Simulation


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More about Shadows of Doubt (from Steam):

A procedurally-generated sandbox stealth game with a whole city of secrets at your fingertips!

Shadows of Doubt is set in an alternate reality in the hyper-industrialized 1980s. Think like a detective and use a variety of gadgets as a private intelligence investigator, gathering evidence and making money by solving cases, finding and selling information and more.

Play your own way in a fully simulated world with hundreds of citizens. Discover, meet and tail individual citizens, each with their own name, job, apartment and daily routine, in unique, procedurally-generated cities. Each case has different culprits, clues and experiences for you to test your investigative skills.

Explore anywhere in the city! Every nook of every trashy bar, every place of work, every seedy hotel room… This dystopia is your oyster. Break into apartments, rifle through secret documents or hack security systems - even a discarded receipt can be the key to cracking a case. Trace the receipt back to an individual location, scour CCTV footage and match the time up to the receipt to find out who it belonged to!

The entire world is fully simulated. Each citizen has an apartment, job, daily routine, favorite things to do, places to go, and people to interact with. They live out their lives independently, in a world that moves on with or without you— uncover this knowledge and use it to your advantage!

Become a private investigator in a truly unique detective experience. Think like a detective to solve the cases around you: check call histories, find passwords, read private emails, speak to persons of interest, watch CCTV footage and more to retrieve evidence and build your case. Store information on your investigation board and link evidence together as you piece together the full picture.


Become a private investigator and track down a serial killer in a fully-simulated sci-fi city. Think like a detective and use a variety of gadgets to gather evidence and solve cases in this truly unique detective experience.
Meet individual citizens, each with their own name, job, apartment and daily routine, in unique, procedurally-generated cities.
Take on new cases to earn cash, purchase new gadgets and equipment, and customise your apartment.
Gather evidence to build your case - scan fingerprints, check call histories, read private emails, watch CCTV, and find key pieces of evidence to gather information and accuse your suspect.
Play your own way - pick locks, break down doors, sabotage security systems and bribe citizens for information, or stick to the law and play by the book. There are multiple ways to approach each case.
Explore every room in every building, and talk to every citizen. Lose yourself in a detailed sci-fi noir world.

All Comments (21)
  • @vermiworm
    Josh accidentally trapping himself in a coma seemed like poetic justice for all the games he's violated
  • I love how the mystery element is so intriguing that Josh can't help but actually go solve the case instead of just creating mayhem and forgetting the plot
  • @beautheschmo3099
    So the way the hospital works in this game is that it takes 20% of your current money total if you accept treatment. Josh had no money on hand so it cost nothing, and still chose to illegally escape the hospital despite his treatment literally being free lmao
  • @maybe-lazy
    Two accomplishments that I’m proud of Josh for: 1. He solved the case 2. He found Waldo
  • Josh would make a great detective because he knows the ins-and-outs of being a monster
  • @DJB3lfry
    Josh is literally the worst case scenario kind of robber. He beats up a man, takes his keys, breaks into his house, robs and vandalizes it, covers his bathroom with blood, leaves the man's son bloody, beaten, and unconscious inside a shower with a broken glass pane, and then dives out the bedroom window
  • @denji5604
    Was expecting a buggy game but this one actually looks legit and fun
  • This game has an incredible amount of things to do that make no sense for a detective, but absolutely perfect for Josh to cause mayhem
  • I have watched 5 people play this game (Josh included) and he is the first person I have witnessed out of those five that solved the case. Josh, out of all people. I am amazed by this.
  • @duphasdan
    13:49 That scream the lady made. Made me laugh so hard. Like a cross between severe pain and severely pissed off mode.
  • The way the bodies just crumple when he throws things or smacks them with the door is so hilarious to me
  • Honestly I keep forgetting Josh is “supposed” to be a private investigator and not a criminal
  • @Duckthief229
    Fun fact: The entry wound changing mid-case happened to me too. It's a weird bug, hope they fix it soon Edit: I honestly could not believe Josh's evidence board would look clean compared to mine
  • @spunkyfidget70
    I’ve been going through a rough patch lately. My car was broken into a couple weeks back and they stole my wallet. And last week my brother died of an overdose. So needless to say, it’s been quite the somber ordeal for me. I haven’t laughed or smiled much in the last couple weeks, and tonight decided to watch a few of your videos. I was in tears of laughter from the zaniness, and it felt good to be happy again. Thanks man. I really needed this.
  • Imagine sitting in your living room wearing a red and white striped shirt, and then some lunatic throws a trashcan through your window, yells, "hey Waldo, just wanted to let you know I found you!" and then walks away like nothing happened.
  • Josh, PLEASE make a series of this. I’d sit through hours of you solving crimes in your own demented way
  • @amischiefofsouls
    Josh is legit the only person I know that would figure out a way to put himself in a coma and also suffer the consequences in a game