Daniel Defense DDM4V7 and upgrades. Best rifle ever??

Published 2019-05-29
But once cry once- My DDM4V7 and upgrades

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  • Local Mind Media
    Excellent choice. I have the same one in rattlecan finish. Like you said, it's probably one of the nicest ARs out of the box.
  • rene valentin
    Thanks for this video. Being new to Rifles I’ve used this video as a guide to setting up my new Daniel Defense. One expensive hobby. Best AR set up I’ve found on YouTube so far! Good stuff bro.
  • Backlash
    Nice! I have a DDM4 SBR (300 BO), a DDM4V7p (5.56) and a DDM4V7s where I swapped out the barrel and BCG to 7.62x39. I also have a 16" build in 12.7x42 (Beowulf). I would like to change the trigger in the 12.7x42 to Velocity. Love them all.
  • john smith
    I love your setup based off the video you posted I went out and purchased the DDM4 V7 too along with the 3x magnifier and halo sight. I did make a few modifications to my build compared to yours. The first mod I did instead of spending $200 to upgrade the trigger on the DDM4 V7. I purchased the DDM4 V7 "Pro" which was only $200 more than the DDM4 V7 with the pro version you automatically get an upgraded trigger in addition to an upgraded heavier barrel, your barrel length increases from 16 to 18 inches. You also get an upgraded barrel compensator and a full gas system. My final mod was to add offset 45 degree hard sights instead of having the sights mounted on top of the gun. I used offset sights in case something happened to the glass of my halo sight and it would prevent me from using my rear sight
  • moto1p1
    Very nice! However, I have a DDM4V7 as well, but the best rifle ever is my Radian Model 1 that I upgraded with a Proof Research carbon fiber barrel topped off with a Nightforce ATACR 1-8.
  • Joel Petersen
    Love your setup. i have the ddm4v7lw upper on a bcm lower with a flat 3lb Velocity trigger. sweeeet gun. i have the vertical dd forgrip and that helps with he heat. It gets warm, but is still top of the line. I love my ddm4v7lw.
  • Mariano Gomez
    Just order my first FA ever and it happens to be a DDM4V7P. Your video is exactly what I needed to figure out what I will be doing. I appreciate the work you are showing here. I know this is an older video, but would you mind listing all the components in your description?
  • Brad Burggraf
    Nice gun! Love the up grades and add ons you did.
  • 21tango 21tango
    Was issued a Daniel Defense M4a1 in OIF/OEF. Loved it so much i bought one along with a python when i got home. Excellent company that puts out one of the best ARs you can buy.. They dont cut corners and everything is made in house. You have a very nice rifle bud. Dont sell this one!
  • Lil Weisey
    You really helped me out on deciding which trigger and iron sights to get. Greatly appreciated!
  • Kornholeeoo
    Just picked mine up 2 days ago. I put on the VG6 Epsilon break with the cage as I know it works. Have it on another gun. I went with the Sig Romeo5 and Juliet3 red dot and magnifier. Got a deal on the gun and red dot. Like $450.00 off if I bought it all together. Took it to the range yesterday and had to bring the red dot down 3 clicks and it’s spot on now. I heard the DD flash hider works good but I had an extra VG6 from another build that I sold before I put it on, so it had to go on this. Flat shooting with very accurate double taps. I had an extra Streamlight Strion and a mount that I stuck on it but I like your set up better. Might have to look into it. I kept the fore grip and the way I have my light set, I can reach the light button with my thumb so it works. Gonna have to see what Olight has going on with a wired on/off switch as those lights are fantastic. Thanks for posting. I might have some video footage by late this evening myself.
  • Boe Jiden
    I dig this setup. Awesome rifle!
  • Radical Raider
    Just a tip might wanna oil the buffer spring so you get a nice smooth and sounding pull. Good vid hard to find videos on this specific rifle
  • S Gibson
    Damn nice rifle. Picked up the same one this morning. Went with the strike eagle 1x8 in an American defense cantilever mount but otherwise identical essentially.

    How’s the accuracy so far with what shooting you’ve done?
  • dainel40
    Hey man!! Awesome rifle!! i was wondering if I could get a list of the upgrades, so I can set mine like yours!
  • blackbushido1
    Hello. Excellent an informative video. Where did you get your whole Surefire setup, if you don’t mind me asking?? Thank you an thank you for your timely response
  • flawlessfoose
    I love this rifle. Question is, do you have any issues with your trigger reset? I've seen two examples of trigger reset issues when aftermarket triggers where installed. How is yours doin? Thanks
  • jesse guy
    The best rifle I've ever used. Hands down. People need to quit bitching about the price. You get what you pay for.
  • jayonez 13
    I’ve ran 7000+ rounds threw my V7.
    Never had 1 malfunction.
    My go to rifle!
    I also have the V11 SLW and also love that one.
    But there is just something about the V7 that I love.
  • Mike Benjamin
    New sub thanks for taking your time to show a beautiful well made weapon 👌 👌 wow fantastic 👏.