This Happens in the Unseen World When We Fast and Pray

Published 2019-11-27
Angel Footage Links
➤Standoff ~ Angels vs. Demons
   • Standoff ~ Angels vs. Demons. ***+***  
➤Angels rising
   • Angels rising. (2 of 2.) ***+***  
➤Heavenly Chariot
   • Heavenly Chariot.  ***+***  
➤Angel in Israel 3
   • Angel in Israel 3  

➤ Speaker(s): Jentezen Franklin
➤ Music: Tessa - Steve Jablonsky
➤ Footage: Copyright Free Content from Stockblock, A.D Bible Series, Videos from Youtube
➤ Edited By: Robin Måhl

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All Comments (21)
  • @gisa1698
    I was addicted to Alcohol, pornography and all sort of sexual lust but after I decided to pray and fasting for 21 days,I am now free and sober for 4 months. Thank you Jesus
  • @HilariaMbono
    I fasted for 21 days during covid, I was dying. On the 21 day, around 3am to 4am, the demon came, I fought in the Name of Jesus, suddenly I saw a cross, woke up in my spirit and touch it, the demons dissappeared, got defeated. I was freed from not breathing properly. I thank God for the miracle
  • Who ever reads this please pray for me and my family. I need financial breakthrough and I need a job
  • I fasted and by God's grace and mercy. I was healed from diabetes 😭All Glory be to God in the highest.
  • @kristine2007
    Who ever read this please pray for me. I want peace of mind and happiness in life. thanks
  • I started a 21 day half fast because I did it while working, but i stayed in the WORD the rest of the day, and on the 19th day the Lord answered my Prayer Thank you Jesus !!!
  • @ElijahK777
    My son is being abused, neglected and endangered, please pray that I get custody of him 😢
  • @egidhesen8305
    I come from a Muslim background and I had become an atheist till I found Jesus a year ago and now, all I think of is to serve and follow him. Glory to God the most high 🙏🏻✝️. Afrin /Syria. Update: Thanks to all of you dear brothers and sisters in Christ our Lord. My prayers for you that you will have discernment and wisdom to know God's will in your lives.
  • God saved me from being kidnapped by a man when I was 14 years old. 29 now and still alive because of God. He has always protected me.
  • I’m fasting starting midnight to break down stubborn struggles that I haven’t seemed to get Victory. Please pray for me. 😢
  • My uncle is on his death bed from COVID. Please if you have a moment, pray for him. His name is Jeff we all don’t believe his time is up and I know God can do the impossible. Please help. (Edit 2 Months Later) thank you all for your prayers God Bless you ❤️ He’s with the Lord!
  • @ParaBohn216
    Whoever reads this please pray for my mom, I’ve been fighting for her life since this past Sunday, she’s the only one I have 😢🙏🏽
  • I'm homeless for 10 years and counting ,hope God have mercy on me and other homeless people in the world
  • @imcheyenne_
    I did a 3 day water only fast, which I thought I couldn’t. Can’t wait to give my testimony🙌🏽
  • @RachelShafudaT
    I'm fasting now, trusting God for a job. Kindly pray with me.
  • JESUS CHRIST is alive I was fired 4 times and I cried to him in fasting and prayer and 4 times he rescued me with something better. JESUS CHRIST is alive
  • @matiallo6609
    Please pray for my sister's healing, She is in intensive care after delivery. God bless you.
  • I’ve been an LPN for 5 years now, and denied into RN school 3x for classes I had to repeat, my struggle with understanding math since I was a little girl. All odds were against me. Today, I am 30 days away from my first semester complete in the RN program. The Lord prepared me for this moment and his timing is never wrong. Had I been accepted earlier, I wouldn’t be prepared like I am now. My sisters & brothers in Christ that see this message, I am going to challenge myself in the Daniel fast these next 30 days. I owe it to the Lord. I need a miracle and Gods favor in this season of my life. Heavenly Father, let your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Amen
  • @dudebro9420
    I did a 30 day water fast last year and it was the most amazing time and the closest I ever was to my Creator. I ended up in Europe for 18 days on one of the most amazing trips. God is great and has so many blessings for us. It wasn't about the trip that was just a side surprise but I was so filled with the spirit. I fast more often now and it always draws me closer to our Heavenly Father.