Pronouns & TTRPGs (& One Piece)

Published 2023-02-24
Don't understand all the gays on Critical Role and such? Not sure why it matters for your table? Here's some advice from my experiences hosting LGBTQ+ youth and adults at professional gaming tables. Also I'm going to talk about One Piece (mostly because I can).

ONE PIECE is written by Eiichiro Oda and is published by Toei Animation (anime), Shueisha Inc (original manga), and Viz Media (US/UK).

0:00 Intro and Disclaimers
2:47 Gender in D&D
8:23 Transgender in Pathfinder
10:33 One Piece is Kinda Gay
15:39 Accepting Pronouns in RPGs
21:20 What Can You Do?

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  • I'm still so amazed at how elegantly you approach potentially touchy topics like this. Bravo, my friend
  • @truesightrpg
    Feedback and questions extra appreciated on this one! Please talk and listen to others if you have questions. Thank you for keeping your comments more civil than a lot of the One Piece discourse mentioned in the video. Remember, DBAD. -Jaxn
  • Excellent advice, not just at game table but also in workplace, education, and life generally
  • heyhey! im an 18yo trans woman and a forever DM, and D&D absolutely played a big role in figuring out my identity i love your content, and ive added my own version of Drigo into my game as a minor antagonist :) you said you wanted to hear from queer folks so please tell me whatever you wanna hear, im open to answering any questions
  • @BTDremix
    Awesome video Truesight, super insightful! I'm a cishet man, but I have borderline personality disorder and often feel unsure of my identity and place in the world. Hearing all of these stories of growth and expression really gave me a boost! I really appreciate it!
  • Hi, transman here! I appreciate you being so open and honest about your past and the journey you had to go through to get to this point. I myself had to deal with internalized transphobia, and I think we're all still working through it a little. I also love that you address the fact cis individuals do not have to give up their identities to accept trans individuals, just have to respect their differing experiences. Plus, how fiction can really help trans individuals be better understood and respected, when we are allowed to play and write our own identities, and how much of an escape these things can be for us, when we have to be misgendered in our day-to-day life. All in all, I love this video and you covered it with so much heart, understanding, and respect, summing it up really well. If someone says that's what their character's pronouns are, then that's what they are, period. And the same goes for real-life people, even when they present in ways one might attribute different pronouns to. Great video!
  • Aint nothing wrong with douche bags tendencies...they come in handy. Here's the thing you don't need to cater to certain people to attract them to your game. Here's the thing, you don't know who will be like "fuck yeah I am in." Get this I attracted ex military, women, hot sick women in the head, hell man even a few 60 year olds. As you know I run some weird crazy stuff in my game. I didn't have to worry about pronouns I had to worry about making content. Personal the points you bring up in the old dnd about that gurdle of sex changing I threw that out and replaced it with a curse item of James brown.