Hypest Prom Ever | Harry Mack Freestyle (Guerrilla Bars 25)

Published 2023-12-21


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  • @theone2be33
    The more energy the crowd gives the more fire HM produces!
  • @Princenidal520
    I love that the black kid started recording and said “naw I’m gonna watch this” and put his phone away. Stay in the moment my man!
  • @stevemartin8994
    This is arguably the best Harry Mack clip ever! Certainly my favorite.
  • @sacredcow61
    "Don't ohh for that, you're under drinking age" I mean bro, how do you hit a punchline that good, that fast?. It was literally half a second. Harry Mack is insane
  • @vallabh5551
    this freestyle gon stay rent free in my head forever!
  • @McGahee340
    I love how focused the guy was in front of him. That's a real one, for sure.
  • @MavDillain
    Best Guerrilla Bars moment to this day!!!
  • this puts a big smile on my face. what a moment in time, it is just great.
  • @JN-L97
    2:39 The crowd control in this freestyle was insane! Got the crowd bopping in sync and following your lead , clinging to every word
  • @plebcrabslayer
    Lyrics! Just for fun. 🙃 //// Yeah, okay, unh Okay, unh, turn me up, yeah Okay, unh, y'all ready for prom? All right, ha-haha-haha, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo Rappers be talkin' but I really live it Moves that I make and y'all know they deliberate Every time that I rhyme, got the whole game straight tippin' Y'all know that my lyrics exquisite Yeah, y'all know my shit is too clever When I be rappin', I'm lastin' forever Bond to the beat, it be tougher than leather I come with exquisite lyrics they can't measure I'm makin' it happen, unh, servin' my lyric(s) right by the ounce Unh, every time that I rhyme in the session, y'all know that I'm makin' 'em bounce Oh, shit, y'all know I'm lit up like reefer Goin' so hard I be breakin' my speaker Every time that I rhyme, I be liftin' you higher This shit that I'm spittin' is fire Comin' off the top and I never been a faker Every time I spit, I'm precise like a laser Shock the whole entire game like a taser Got fans that span from DC to Jamaica Yeah, are they on my level? I say hardly! I'ma blow your mind with the hard free Matter fact, man, I got a lot o' fans in Jamaica Y'all got me feelin' like Bob Marley H-Mack off the top o' the dome Every time I'm spittin', I get locked in the zone Hunh, y'all know I'm goin' in hard I reach in your phone, steal your Pokémon® card(s) Yeah, y'all know I'm gettin' too busy When I be spittin', they heads spin, they dizzy Pop up in DC, they wonder, “Who is he?” Yeah, H-Mack shinin' hella bright in this, I'm tight in this I'm always recitin' this off the tip o' this The way that I be spittin' the lyrics is too ridiculous I'm makin' it happen, crazy when rappin', I'm takin' the action Ain't never slackin', lot o' lyrics I'm packin' Yeah, I break it down and y'all know I'm straight blazin' Dude back here like, “Yo, he's amazin'!” Yeah, blow your mind with the raw free I can tell this the first time you saw me H-Mack, man, we representin' hip hop Peace to anybody watchin' my vids on TikTok® Are they on my level? Yo, hardly! I'ma get ya twisted just like the Bacardí® H-Mack, man, I got you in a rage Don't ‘Oh!’ for that, you under drinkin' age H-Mack, y'all know I'ma call you out I keep it real, I ain't never on a faulty route Unh, killin' it, doin' it gladly All o' these rappers be callin' be ‘Daddy’ Unh, y'all know I slaughter it, child Unh, that's 'cause I fathered the style I be the greatest, I know that they hate this They don't even get it, I said I'm exquisite My moves are deliberate, I'm breakin' it down Come off the top with the craziest sound Unh, lyrics that I kick top rank Unh, and we get a whole lot o' bank Unh, y'all know I told you I'm 'bout to leave the whole track spanked 'cause my lyrics too stank Unh, H-Mack comin' off tip When it come to freestyles, yo, I got this Yeah, I'm about to make 'em go crazy Oh, shit, this one is for the ladies [Mack, I'm live, heh], y'all know we back online Heh, y'all know we stay on a grind Lyrics that we kick off top too divine We got exquisite, we got Jamaica, and we got daddy, and we got stank My flow is godly, leave the track bodied I'm way too fancy, I need Maserati H-Mack (flowin') and I got 'em all flinchin' I be revvin' up my Maserati engine And I be known for ill flowin' He's like, “My god, this dude is still goin'!” H-Mack, man, these other rappers too cute Shout my man in the bow tie and the blue suit Yeah, y'all know I'm rattlin' the speakers Hold up, wait a minute, dude is rockin' sneakers H-Mack, y'all know these rappers can't test me Thanks for the fans 'cause they bless me Hunh, y'all know I'm ready to cardiac-arrest beats My man pulled up in the SBs He's got the Nikes, he's rockin' the Dunks Live off the top, I be bringin' the funk I got the lyrics, that shit that you want When it comes to the rhymes, I don't never get punked Yeah, and I'm gonna rip 'em off top Heh, Mack gettin' busy in the spot Y'all know we representin' live for hip hop Yo, earlier, I made the speaker drop I'ma drop these bars, drop these rhymes, I got the shit that they cannot avoid Y'all know this whole fuckin' track, I destroy Girls and the boys, make some motherfuckin' noise What!
  • @fairofam5227
    The most hyped freestyle with the kids on prom night. Can’t stop smiling and never get tired of watchin 😊
  • This is probably his best one. The energy exchange here is unmatched
  • @SmallPound
    This was the hypes crowd ever on Guerrilla Bars!! Hands down!
  • @oslonorway547
    This one will stay forever entombed in their hearts and replayed by their descendants for generations, like yo, that's my great grandpa in the front there! ..... Salute to HM 😎
  • @romilrh
    Never in my life have I been as locked in to something as blue suit kid
  • @Colspex
    Aliens about to attack our planet watch this video and go "Nah, they are too awesome. Let's pick another planet."
  • @darrenfraser5822
    I've watched this probably 50 times since it dropped, this banger is in my top 3. The other two are from guerrilla bars 33. #HarrytheLegend