If I Could Only Teach You One Thing: Why God Made You with Rick Warren

Published 2015-02-10
www.saddleback.com/welcomehome – Do you know why you’re here? If Pastor Rick could only teach you one thing, it would be the answer to that question. You were planned and made by God, and you are not an accident. He has a purpose for everything and everyone, and he created you to make a unique contribution in the world. Finding your purpose begins with God. In this message you’ll discover God’s five purposes for your life and learn how you were designed to uniquely fulfill each of them. In doing so, you’ll live a life filled with true meaning and significance. (Sermon by Rick Warren)

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(Rick Warren) (Saddleback Church) (Purpose Driven Life) (God) (Purpose) (Life Purpose) (Welcome Home) (Significant Life) (Why am I here?) (Callings) (Your Calling) (Reasons for living)

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  • I found this by accident? I know that everything happens for a reason. Hearing this has already changed me. I just turned 62.
  • @amelia396
    It’s one of the darkest times of my life and every time I watch this I leave with a sense of strength and purpose thank you so much. If anyone reads this please pray for me
  • @washguy9577
    35 years I felt empty and lost. I'm 42 and have been praying every day since then. No more lost or empty feelings. Sometimes, I have fear or anger, sure, but never do I feel lost or empty.
  • @JusNTru10565
    If you only had one sermon to preach they should be the Gospel of Jesus Christ and his salvation and Grace and love
  • I used to be ashamed that I was only a waitress and a hairdresser. Now I realize that I’m a person of service so I am not ashamed anymore. This took years and I live in hope for Our Lord Jesus Christ’s future for me and my family. You always have blessed me Pastor Rick. Thank you.
  • @tamramiller5869
    God is my best friend . He's never left me nor has he ever forsaken me never can I remember a time he's failed me through my darkest of times he's always been by my side ... I'm so excited to be a child of God he's my father . He's a father to the fatherless .
  • @romanrobert
    My notes from the sermon (by the way, the best sermon I ever listened to): WHY GOD MADE YOU 1. God planned me for His pleasure 2. God formed me for His family 3. Grow up spiritually 4. God shaped me to serve Him 5. Serve God by serving others PURPOSES OF LIFE: 1. Know and love God (Worship) 2. Learn to love others (Fellowship) 3. God created me to become like Christ (think and act like Him: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, faithfulness, self control) (Discipleship) 4. Serve God by serving others (do good works) 5. God made me for a mission -------------------- The good life isn't good enough, you were made for a better life. -------------------- A Prayer to Start Living the Life That God Created You to Live: "Dear God, everything You create has a purpose, including me. I don't want to miss my purpose, or waste my life, or live it disconnected from You anymore. Instead I want to become what You designed me to be. Starting today, I want to follow Your plan for my life, not my plan. You made me for a relationship with You, so I want to get to know You and love You and trust You. Thank You for sending Jesus to pay for my sin. Help me to understand that. I humbly ask You to accept me into Your family forever. I want to grow more like Jesus every day. And I want to use my life on earth to serve You by serving others. Help me to share this Good News with others and to fulfill my life mission. I invite You into every area of my life."
  • @SD-ic8qe
    To be honest, nobody has explained better about Gods love as this man
  • @laurabora9750
    Rick has been gifted from God, the gift of communication. This has been beautifully communicated. Thanks, Jesus, for your disciple, Rick.
  • @mc127636
    Pastor Rick Warren is an unassuming and sincere servant of God who has his congregation at heart, ever willing to lend a helping hand.
  • "He's not interested in what you do. He's interested in who you are."   That one hit me hard. I really needed to hear this. Listening to this message just saved me. I feel like God led me here. I used to watch pastor rick videos a long time ago and when I saw this pop up on my screen I got so excited im like I love Pastor Rick! He's the best :)
  • @acpeters68
    In this past year living with chronic back pain, when I would come home from work at the end of the day and crawl into bed in pain. I would close my eyes, relax and imagine Jesus was holding me under His wing. It would help me relax and feel His Love ❤️.
  • I feel so lucky to have stumbled across this message I am 24 and I just want to serve and be like Jesus. I pray he gives me many years so I can serve and be apart of the mission. Thank you Jesus!
  • Thank you Mr Warren for the prayers of 30 powerful prayers to God for guidance and direction.
  • @Rb-kb4qy
    Turn away from sin. That is the first step to loving God. Then share his gospel so others can do the same.
  • @MrWarrenjc
    Christ was the best decision I have ever made. I enjoy serving Him. My purpose is writing as an author. So I use that gift by evangelizing through my writing. Thank you Jesus.
  • "But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control; against such things there is no law."
  • Thanks alot pastor, I,am listening from kenya.and I,am so blessed.i,ve always hated myself , for feeling that I,ve not accomplished anything of value in life.i,am a musician and a hairdresser and non of these has made me happy because I, thought I, need to do more for myself. But after this wonderful sermon, behold, I, have made up my mind to change my attitude for good.so help me lord!