Whitney Houston I Believe In You And Me The Preacher's Wife

Published 2012-02-24
The preacher's wife, Julia Biggs (Whitney Houston) joined dinner with the angel Dudley (Denzel Washington) in the club where Julia used to go with her husband Henry all the time... A scene from the movie "The Preacher's Wife (1996). Whitney Houston's sultry,captivating and sweeping soundtrack score for the romantic-comedy movie"The Preacher's Wife".A simple and direct love ballad sang with heart and artistic calibration that we know Whitney for.

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    She had the most beautiful vocal tone I ever heard. I love the quality of her voice. Just a exceptional voice.
  • Liz Vickers
    She was the greatest female singer. Her voice was incredible. This song is beautiful and fits her perfectly. There will never ever be another Whitney Houston
  • kennethbrdk
    The way she can move from full belting to subtle singing in an instant without losing control is mindblowing!
  • Leegacy
    You can mimic Whitney but you will never be her. She was just that comet that comes by only once.
  • Curtis45100
    Whitney still brings me to tears with this song. Girl could sing her ass off like nobody else on the planet!! Lord Jesus! RIP Whitney.....You are truly missed!
  • Cynthia Gilmore
    She still takes my breath away. One of my favorite Christmas movies.
  • Aneta Jarolim
    Whitney was pure talent her voice was gift from God . we will always love u . I miss her so much 💖💖💖
  • Johnathan 4Ever
    So glad people are still giving this woman the love she deserves 🙏💛
  • Gavin Isaacs
    I love Mariah but Whitney’s phrasing and tone were something else - on another level .
  • Derrick Eubanks
    Her voice was incredible and Denzel is such a incredible actor the way he was able to display the this the very moment I fell in love look was awesome 😂
  • Debra Washington
    Whitney will always be number one female singer of my time. She could blow...love this movie and the whole sound track is moving. God Blessed us with Ms. Whitney Houston. She's in heaven singing now.
  • Michael Kennedy
    "You ever want to know what loving REALLY sounds like? She's got that secret in her voice." Truer words have never been spoken.
    Something about this version is so magical. The album version is not the same as the movie clip. Her voice sounds and feels angelic 🕊️ 👑
  • Ish Saint
    The most incredible vocalist that ever grace this planet... No one can sing like that!!
  • She really was the greatest female singer of the past 35 years. That voice is an extraordinary instrument; it's unearthly. Absolutely beautiful.
  • Chip H
    The way she emotes that song is pure gold🏆. She actually sang that live in the movie. Her performance was real.
    I miss Whitney Houston. She was an astounding soloist.
    Her vocal quality is just remarkable. Her vocal tone is exceptional. She was a rare type.
  • This movie was a staple around Christmas-time when I was a kid; my sister and I used to sing this song all the time. RIP Whitney Houston. ❤️