Fantano REACTION to "The Heart Part 6" by Drake (KENDRICK DISS)

Published 2024-05-05

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  • @TheLekiChannel
    Kendrick: you're a liar & a manipulator Drake: I lied & manipulated
  • @CrimsonOptics
    The fact that he mentioned Millie Bobbie Brown when Kendrick didn't even mention her in his dis is so incredibly telling to me. Bro's self reporting.
  • It's crazy how Drake implies that if Kendrick got molested it was "no coincidence" because he's a "piece of shit". Does he think molestation is some punishment god hands out to bad people?
  • @ohbaby4life
    "Kendrick Kendrick Kendrick... How easily you have fallen into my trap. Now everybody thinks I'm a pedo and a deadbeat dad, just like I planned!"
  • "I am a war general seasoned in preparation" is something I would have thought sounded really badass when I was 15. I guess Drake is getting his girlfriend to help write his bars
  • @flyingmonk99
    Drake: "I'd never look TWICE at a teenager" Drake: 🎶"I need a one glance"🎶
  • @VerdanaVideos
    This isn't even a diss track. It's the world's first defense track.
  • @zayahplaya
    "if im a liar why arent my pants on fire?"- drizzy bbl
  • @elbruces
    Kendrick: "you're a pedo and you have a secret daughter." Drake: "ah ha, you fell into my trap! I DON'T have a daughter!" ...
  • @IdoN_Tlikethis
    In Drake's defense, Mother I Sober isn't 18 years old yet, so he was only allowed to look at it once.
  • @romeda5156
    I think clowning a man for being touched as a child is a weird angle
  • @LonelySandwich
    Kendrick: You the only one in love with the fame Drake: I’m too faaaamousssss
  • @tmv866
    Also Millie Bobbie Brown is legal now, glad to know he was only focused on her when she wasn’t.
  • @Kalitayy
    Drake the mf who said "You walked into my trap" after entering Chris Hansen's sting house
  • damn drake is next level. he really played the long game FOR YEARS by dming underage girls, rapping about high school girls being hot, and even bringing underage girls on stage, all to trick Kendrick into thinking drake’s a pedophile!!! chess not checkers from the 🐐
  • @ShihTzuPosting
    It’s crazy to come back at somebody calling you a rapist by calling them a rape victim.
  • Drake "You aint seen yo kids in six months, the distance is wild" My brother in Christ, it took Pusha T for you to publicly acknowledge Adonis's existence.