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Published 2021-12-29

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  • Karolina M
    This documentary is on Amazon Prime! I love how they follow this pride and witnessed the struggle of these predators. But most of all, the essence of togetherness through thick and thin. The old lioness touched my heart. How she hugged her grandkids and their mom who ventured away in search of food during the dry time.
  • Bob Jonsun
    This pride is one of my favorites. It's a older video however I love how each member stepped up in the end and brought down the big bull so they could all feast rather than die. There will to live and work together as one is what's so inspiring
  • Paws4Mercy
    This has to be one of the absolute best documentary on Lions I have seen and I thought I'd seen them all But this one , It's educational relaxing to watch the music was very well done and so was that narration . BEST IVE SEEN
  • Judy Roland
    Love these stories of the lions, thankyou to all the photographers who bring us these wonderful adventures of the Wild Kingdom! πŸ‘πŸ˜œ
  • Excellent lion documentary, you have to respect and admire a wild animal who needs to fight a formidable opponent that fights back and is much bigger and heavier. Those lions fought together as a team and overcame fatigue and hunger.
  • MsRose
    This video is very entertaining I really enjoyed it especially the part at 16:15 when that big adult male lion tried to jump over the water lol I can watch that part over and over and still laugh 🀣
  • Mark Manley
    These documentaries are so EDUCATIONAL, incredible stories even !!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Shaun Brandt
    No school like the old school ,great photography,well rounded documentary.πŸ‘Œ
  • Z T
    Great documentary , such a calm voice of narrator .Many thanks.
  • Patricia Blair
    What a great story and so beautifully told. Lions arey favorite thing thing to watch. Thank u all.
  • Suellen Johnson
    πŸ˜‚ the big guy trying to clear the water did one of the best face plants I've ever seen 🀣
  • Emancipated LionM
    What a lovely video! Those lovely strong female hunters... the young handsome males... the playful little ones.. the sad demise of the sister ..dad with 2 prides 😝Thanks
  • Lottisoso371
    When that male lion tried to jump across was halirious πŸ’―πŸ’™
  • Shyla Lee
    I'm like binge watching lion documentaries 🦁 And I love it...