Residential Code Violations (Part 1)

Published 2021-10-16
Watch, listen, and learn as I take you through a Code Violation Journey. This is Part 1 of a compilation of the most common code violations that I encounter everyday, highlighting Residential Framing & Final Inspection. All violations are based on the 2018 IRC or Manufacturer's Installation Instructions. So, if you're a Building Inspector, Home Inspector, or Contractor...take note & enjoy.

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  • Your videos are excellent. I have been watching them all day. You keep them reasonably long, educational, talk about the problem and solutions, and keep it professional.
  • Renrondog
    I'm in Tennessee and I wish I could have you for a instructor / boss. I caught most of the violations as you showed them but a few I've never heard of. Way to stay on top of your game. You 'da Man!
  • Tom R.
    Really appeciate your inspection video. They are very informative, pointing out lots of details that i might otherwise not recognize as important issues. I.m thinking of moving to florida and buying a new home.
    Thanks again.
  • Nicholas Burks
    Good video bud. I'm a framing contractor in Louisiana. We dont have same codes as y'all but very informative.

    Keep up the good work and helping us to learn more codes
  • Tom Johnson
    Hi First off Thank you for sharing your view on inspections... I am an Instructor of the electrical trade and teach online and have incorporated your videos into my classroom... I have a request, Can you do an Electrical Violatio9n Video of just electrical issues,.,, as an Instructor who searches for classroom content I find that it is difficult to collect video that has High Educational Value, So I like your videos, and would like/SUGGEST A DEDICATED TO ELECTRICAL VIDEO... Thank you As I look forward to viewing this
  • Kenneth Conerly
    Hey thanks for the info, I'm a Mechanical, Plumbing and Gas inspector in New Orleans looking to get my building certifications. I just subscribed to your channel for more updates on building code info
  • tim gray
    Great info! I’m a homeowner getting ready to build a shop. I am deathly afraid of committing any violations, period. After all-it will be my shop!
  • Clark Mills
    Just browsing but learning along the way; appreciate your sharing your findings so that we might not go astray. Have a coffee on us! :)
  • Jake Davis
    9:07 Just wanted to add that I believe that you can use 2x4 walls on the exterior so long as you have at least R5 exterior insulation. It looks to me like extiror insulation there.
  • Amazing Videos
    Great Channel, I just started a new job as a building inspector. I've been in construction for 30yrs but not much in house building. Whats your advise on learning codes
  • HMC
    At video point 14:49,..... Wow, I heard inspectors letting folks slide on through if stair risers are slightly over by 1/2 sometimes slightly more that the nominal 3/8 but, Come on man!! How did this person expect for this to pass. That's dangerous and uncalled for. We all have our beefs with building inspectors but this is a clear case of code violation. Thanks for the video. I am remodeling a house for the first time. I've been reading my IRC book faithfully like a Reverend reads a Bible. I'm sure I'm going to miss something or get violated on something but it won't be as blatant as that stair riser!!!
  • M J
    Thanks 🙏 Does the inspection process begin with the final engineer plans?
  • Liam johnny33
    Very informative sir..
    Keep posting.. excellent work 👍
  • Earl McGill
    That last one made me bust a gut laughing! Drywall will never stay up in a crawl space, just a waste of time putting it up. Looks like the code writers are writing jokes now!
  • artemio velazquez
    Thanks for your videos, its a lot of information.
    Can you do more about electrical.
    Like how do you guys like us to do a correct installation.
  • redfirekla
    Great job man, especially on the anker bolts 🔩 no bolts and no house during an extreme wind storm 😳
  • Jon Rutherig
    Excellent job finding various violations..California is Simpsons capital..glad to see you pointing them your videos...GC in California
  • Oscar Juarez
    I think your videos are very informative and you love what you do. But, your intro is really long and a lot of information is repeated or just too many words are used. I believe this videos could provide more value by trying to summarize them and making them more straight for the point.
  • buck johnson
    These are great videos, thank you so much.
  • Ron Thomas
    Awesome video! Can you identify the IRC Section that requires bolting of interior load bearing walls you had in the video?