Reacting to EVERY Fortnite Cinematic Trailer!

Published 2022-08-29
Today I'm Reacting to EVERY Fortnite Cinematic Trailer! I did this over a year ago and you guys LOVED it, so since there's a ton of new trailers I decided to do it again! I also included some cut down versions of the cinematics in events! Enjoy!

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Hey everyone it’s SypherPK, and Welcome back to another fortnite battle royale vid! I try to keep these vids as clean and family friendly as possible! Today I'm Reacting to EVERY Fortnite Cinematic Trailer! Hope you enjoy!

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All Comments (21)
  • @dwerical
    Honestly Epic Games are very good at making cinematics. Even when there are very high effort fanmade cinematics out there they can never match the beauty and detail of official cinematics. They are truly outmatched!!!
  • @PandaVal78
    Bro, Jones being able to survive the entire season 6 opening event on 1 hp just shows that he’s insane.
  • @luckyfn700
    if this is on Sypher Reacts, it wouldn't have 12 million views
  • @Finrich780
    Literally 99% of the comments: I'm honestly so impressed by the time and effort you put into these videos, keep it up!
  • @zizzlekid3460
    I kinda hope air Royale would come back. That LTM was so fun to play
  • “The world will never be the same” Looking back at all this really showed Fortnite over the years and how the storyline changed it all
  • @itshyper469
    An hour long video from sypher was unheard of until now
  • @Forkin_Games
    I think what was happening to Jones in the first Cinematic, Slone was trying to erase him and all of his snapshots from the loop
  • @rubendelgado2403
    Thanks for the update! You need to make a part 2! I stopped playing Chapter 2 at like 23:00 haha It was nice catching up on what happened
  • @NinjaLavaBoy
    Man, this only makes me remember how much I miss Chapter 1
  • Watched the whole thing! Love the trailers they do for the game, especially the cinematic rendered ones. Was nice to reminisce and see all the old content again!
  • @SourDeez413
    Thanos event changed everything for me. I wasn’t really into Fortnite until that moment. After that I gave it a chance and now I’ve been playing ever since 😂. And they still do trailers for weapons. If it’s a brand new weapon never before seen and not un vaulted they usually show it in a cinematic trailer with some gameplay. The Goo Gun got one. A few of the new weapons have gotten trailers
  • @LiilYogurt
    Season 7 definitely had the best vibe of any season, def the most fun I ever had with fortnite
  • I just realized, that the music in the Thanos trailer was from save the world. Air Royale is my favorite LTM. If only the rickrolling trailer for the Never Gonna emote was included. I don't get why it appeared like Sypher hated the charge shotgun but he seemed like he loved it at other times in other videos. It's still chilling to hear The End Event music whenever it appears, like in the season 5 trailer and the season 7 trailer for chapter 2. Whenever the zero point is interfered with in a trailer it seems to play, or at any time during an event or really anything. The mothership I still think was as big as it was showed in the trailer, but it was higher up during actual matches. I think with season 8 of chapter 2, the smoke cleared, the dust settled. It still looked chaotic. It was funny how sliding was teased in the c2s8 trailer too. Also, I was kind of disappointed when the cubes in c2s8 didn't have the same sound effects. It was still cool seeing the cube(s) though, obviously, and this was still one of my favorite seasons.
  • Cinematic trailers have always been great but the best ones were chapter 1 season 0 - 6 bc they so gold and nostalgic
  • @JoltYT1337
    The worst but funniest thing about the tanks is that you could easily get a dub in squads. Because 1. a tank has 4 seats. 2. explosive gun, mounted turrets, 2 passengers. 3. a LOT of firepower.
  • @AlukaXD
    I remember when chapter 2 came out and we jump out of the battle bus when the cinematic thing ended, I remember literally chilling and then just jumped out of the bus, even if all players were bots, it was still a amazing idea