Published 2023-06-03
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Main video -    • [XG TAPE #3-B] Nothin' (JURIN, COCONA)  

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  • @craigtaylor3773
    I love your reaction Cocona and Jurin just murdered this beat XG world domination I love XG ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤Alphaz for life
  • Cocona- Wildin' out without carryin' a cannon- Nick Cannon reference.
    Cocona- They don't know 'bout that old school smoke, no Joe Camel- Joe Camel was a mascot for cigarette brand Camel.
    Cocona- You n me are not on par on any platform. XG 'bout to break ya idol stereotypes.
    Cocona- "When coco step in, beware of the maknae (youngest)".
  • Jurin- Alphaz on deck, put some respect on them two letter (XG) then follow like Simon says- Simon Says game & their CEO.
    Jurin- Too phat pretty hot and temptin'. My body ain't thick but I got thick skin- To haters that say Asians are too skinny.
    Jurin- Guerilla mode with the bathin' ape camo. Articulate triple threat artillery------ Soo many meanings in those lines.
    Gorilla/Ape (Animals). Guerilla warfare/camo/artillery (Military). A Bathing Ape (BAPE) the Japanese fashion brand.
  • @kai200731
    Since they were interviewed for the first time XG were saying that their main core is R&B and hiphop but in the way they are always being comparing with kpop but anyways I hope more people could see a little more deep on them and what they are giving us I think this tape 3 is just 🤌🔥❤️‍🔥
  • @1viewer1
    Yeaaaaahhhhhh!!!!! Enjoyed your reviews! Worthnchecking are their MVs, VOX, Moves and Dance Practices. This is certified supergroup.
  • @530MAIDU
    Yes 🙌🏽 I agree with your Prediction 🥰👍🏽😉. XG Duo’s are bringing back the old school 🚌🎶✨ Hip Hop Rap. Everything they’ve posted is 🔥. I absolutely 💯 appreciate the Shoutouts to the OG Artists. Thank you ☺️ TySJS.
  • @Its_Thee_Liv
    Great reaction, and they’re def a diff breed!
  • @jamesburge1535
    I am not comparing but compared to other groups at this age, they are number 1, not saying they are there yet, but they have the potential, 2 members are still 17
  • @_LoV3_
    U gotta show ur uncle man❤i want c ur uncle reaction