ARE YOU BRAVE ENOUGH? | Five Nights at Freddy's 4 - Part 1

Published 2015-07-23
Five Nights at Freddy's 4 has arrived and it might just be the SCARIEST GAME EVER!!
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All Comments (21)
  • @CreepsMcPasta
    From personal experience, this is by FAR the most brutal first night!
  • The fact that Mark somehow managed to skip the instructions instantly is one of the most Markiplier things.
  • @selmama0811
    Markiplier in 2015: My mom would never lock me in my room all by myself!
    Markiplier in 2023: Yeah so apparently my mom forgot to feed me as baby...
  • Was rewatching for nostalgia and started laughing when I heard markiplier say “This is the final chapter in the FNAF series” and here we are six games later
  • @omega-mocha3225
    Me: Turns full volume to hear breathing
    Markiplier: Gets jump-scared
  • @mister_myst
    Mark: “This is the final chapter of the FNAF series”

    Mark 7 years later: “hello everybody and welcome back, to FNAF security breach”
  • @MCBlackCZ
    Mark: "This is the final chapter in the FNAF series!"

    Playlist: 29/125
  • @meshii7825
    8:52 “gotta clear the pests from my deathbed” mark always seems to always accurately guess what each game in this series is about completely by accident lmfao
  • @redtailarts101
    Bonnie's quiet breathing is a good reminder that Scott eventually had to fix the game so it was easier to hear the breathing
  • It's amazing how he manages to react to all of the jumpscares the exact same way every single time, he opens his mouth wide, covers his face with two hands, and says "FUCK YOU"
  • I love how everyone thinks that Evan (Crying Child) is the character you play as during the mainstream game, meanwhile when you look at his room, it looks NOTHING like the actual room does. Only one door, the bed is off to the side, and no closet. It goes along with the theory that you’re actually playing as Michael Afton, not Evan Afton, as he feels guilty about his brother’s death and William wanted to keep his son in check, along with encouraging the guilt.
    I don’t blame people who think it’s Evan, however, it is a bit confusing with the plot. But I’m on the side that thinks it would make more sense for the main character of the game to be Michael, considering the lore.
  • @mancillamarie
    mark: “this is the FINAL chapter in fnaf”
    scott: laughs in 7 more games, a movie and 11 books
  • @E_frogs6969
    3:24 "He still squeaks☺" The amount of joy the toy freddy gives mark is the most pure thing ever.
  • @planetrandom0
    Almost 8 years later….man this game still scares me 😭
  • @taylorjones1533
    I’m rewatching this and I love that mark always calls the new games “the final chapter” then another one comes out
  • @geroy8119
    always love coming back to old fnaf gameplay by Markiplier. It feels so nostalgic (sad/happy) can't believe its already been 7+ years. I remember being a kid watching these and it would absolutely make my day. The funny/scary gameplays with commentary
  • Kid: bangs on door desperately trying to get out of his room and lays on the floor to cry himself to sleep

    Mark: thats so sad! laughs
  • @xenoraptor4714
    Alright who else is doing a fnaf marathon watch🍿🍿🍿
  • I love how 80% of the comments are making fun of mark for saying his famous last words and the other 20% are making fun of him for saying that this is the final chapter