Wii Analyses the Mario Movie Trailer

Published 2022-10-10

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  • Cactoos97
    This analysis was interesting to watch. I also like the edits and funny sound effects you add!

    At first I had not much faith in the movie with the cast choice, and the fact that it's made by Illuminations. But after seeing the teaser, I have a lot more faith in it now! Can't wait to see more trailers! And I'm definitely gonna see this in theaters!
  • MrGojira95
    I’ve been with the development of this movie since the Sony Hack in 2014, and when I saw that Sony originally was going to make a Mario movie, I kept my eyes on the development.

    However, as soon as I heard Universal snd Illumination were going to work on it before the reveal of the cast, I knew the film was in good hands, especially when there were Mario references layered all over some of the recent Universal and Illumination films.

    It’s like they were giving hints in certain films that they were gonna work on the Mario movie. I can’t freakin wait for this movie!!!!!! Cried during Bowser’s reveal of the teaser.
  • Other K
    You using the separate vocal/music tracks from the trailer that’s on that one channel (I forgot the original name) is very smart, and I appreciate your analysis of this trailer as well
  • Philthy
    6:43 I think what happened is Kamek was in the way of the snowball and then teleports out of the way, which results the Koopa behind him to get hit.
  • Mr. Andrew
    My inner Childhood is transcending... I LOVE IT!!!
  • Jonathan Latoni
    Me seeing the thumbnail: Ah yes, the most important thing in the trailer, should definitely take analyzing that.
  • FloofBork
    I’ll be here for the next trailer. :)
  • Ludo Tau
    The mushroom Kingdom reminds me of the forest in the Lorax movie, I love that movie
  • Randall Bro
    Think of how many things they had to be cut out
  • Jigglypuff
    You should've also speculated what Nintendo's logo/intro in the Mario Movie could possibly look like; Rather they taking notes from SEGA's and Sony's or be lame and uncreative like Square-Enix was with their logo

    Either way, there's always gonna be the Illumination logo Mario variant with the Minions
  • Janko
    Can't wait for april