Muddy Rifle Test. (AK, AR-15, SCAR, FAL etc)

Published 2022-01-30

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  • Etienne Van Wyk
    judging from the ice test, mud test and sand tests from other YT channels i have come to the conclusion that if you find yourself in a war zone and you have a choice between an m14 and a rock your chances of survival are better with a rock
  • papaleaf421
    I’m impressed. Always been told that the AK platform could be “Thrown in the mud and work fine”. Same goes for AR’s “always jam if you get a spec of dust in them”. However, I’m glad these guys did it for me and have exposed the lies I’ve always been told were true
  • Large Larry
    The FNC has got to be the hardest ejecting rifle ever made. I had three and every one of them sent the brass into outer space. Standing on level ground about 30 to 50 yards away or more.
  • ItsDoms
    Can we just take a moment to appreciate the fact that he could have taken off the attachments to make the cleaning process easier but he kept it on for some odd reason
  • Asphodel
    I love how the AUG made a little 'ploop' into the mud like the fish it is.
  • Floppa
    I don’t even thinks thats that ridiculous. Imagine you are tactically running in the woods, and tactically tripping over a tactical branch into tactical mud.
  • Buckeye Believer
    Nothing was gained by keeping all those beautiful optics on 😢
  • Bravo_CJ
    Conclusion: Always turn the safety on when you don't use the gun, especially when you are using an AK ( the selector lever is also an ejection port cover )
  • Harrison
    Aug performed really well in both tests so did fnc.

    Honestly very interested in the Aug after seeing more vids. Very proven rifle and well designed.
  • Sam M
    The fact that it took everything but actively trying to push mud into the ejection ports on some of these rifles to just cause them to jam up is really, really impressive design work.
  • Braxton Flake
    As an "AK Guy" myself, I do say that I am sad that they both failed, but I am happy to know that they were not the only ones that failed. All of them performed well, and you must give credit where credit is due! Guess this is just incentive to get both platforms!
  • Aks: "We were built for ice", ARs: "We were built for random shit, in warm climates", and M14s: "I'm too old for this shit".
  • Caleb Syswerda
    Mike figured out what FN couldn’t: how to get the Scar a single shade of brown. 👏👏👏
  • DiFopinator
    I see a lot of similarities between the M14 and the Krag-Jorgensen. Both were significant improvements on what the Army had previously but came in too late for that to really become evident since they were shortly replaced by something that was far more capable.
  • Todd Hodges
    This is the dumbest, most dangerous, and most entertaining video I have seen. His lack of wanting to do this test is painful to watch and I love every minute of it.
  • Pieshka
    AK bros: Ha! Our rifle can survive ice!

    AR bros: Yes, but our rifle survives literally everywhere else
  • Joshua Teh
    I’ve been watching this channel recently and I’m just blown away by the awesome content. I’m a father of five and made some purchases on some ar-15s after watching your channel. It’s extremely helpful, educational and inspirational watching your videos. Thank you very much and God bless you !
  • Jamile Jalloh
    Testing different platforms reliability when in different elements is a really good video idea and id love to see more
  • Charles Hendrix
    The ak also had a disadvantage due to mud being able to get into the receiver. Most others were closed receivers. Intresting results. Keep up the good work👍