Daniel Defense MK12: Urban Precision

Published 2022-01-15

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  • Ben Hoffman
    Love the vids where you present a fictional combat scenario...especially in urban setting! Great stuff.
    Love the quick little mentions like “Mod 0 was used by the army whereas the Mod 1 was used by the navy”. Tickles my Mk12 bone.
  • We R Venom
    I absolutely love the theatrical/movie aspect you portray in your vids… to my knowledge no one is doing it like that and really sets you apart. I know it’s fictional but it really demonstrates how and why these tools really are/should be used in their “real elements”. Very entertaining I tip my hat good sir 👍
  • Reiks Akin
    Love the real world theme to this way better than the typical range setting and outstanding production quality.
  • Todd K
    Dude, your videos are awesome. Great combination of information and entertainment. Love the story lines thrown in there. Keep'em coming brother!
  • David H
    My dude puts so much work into these vids, this team is killing it!
  • gebeme11
    This channel puts out more engaging and exciting content than anything I've seen from major studios in quite some time.

    I just finished Mandalorian S2 and kept thinking about how boring the action scenes were. I liked the show overall but it wasn't exciting. This one scene of a guy walking through an empty warehouse and setting up a tripod was WAY better.
  • Alistair
    I bought back from my department one of the ARs issued to me on the SWAT team. It was a tired and shot out 16" AR, but I resurrected and repurposed it. It now has a new 18" .223 Wylde barrel, BCM BCG, CMC 3.5 lb trigger, BCM gunfighter stock, Magpul K2+ grip, 1-8x Vortex LPVO, Radian charging handle, BAD ambi short throw safety, Magpul bipod, 3 chamber brake, and YHM suppressor. I then gave it to my daughter when she was 10. She is 11 now and capable out to 500 yards. Don't wander into my farm!
  • Sick setup. Has a lot of retromod vibes. Definatly brings attention to how solid the mindset was and still is to the SPR(mk12) concept.

    It's dope that you mention developing a load as well. To be keen on using quality components for both the rifle and ammo is awesome to see put all together in a video with this level of production. Thanks for the content 🤘🏼
  • The Jenkins
    This is awesome. Love the cinematography in these. So cool they let you into the old brewery. I’ve wanted to check out that place for the longest time. Very cool sir!
  • Joe O.
    Love the vids — keep ‘em coming! They help me with determining the right kit for transitioning between the couch and the can when watching The View and I need to maximize the commercial breaks. Sometimes I transition to the fridge as well. I don’t want to say more, as it may reveal my tradecraft or tactics.
  • Yt1862
    Have your heard of the NSW Recce rifle? Its very similar to the mk12 mod 1 except it uses a 15.1" barrel so that the suppressor sits flush with the handguard allowing the user a bit more maneuverability with it while still maintaining the increased ballistics over a regular m4.
  • 57 Priest
    I build my own bastardized version of an early MK12 using a BCM 18” SS upper, V7 lower, fixed A2 stock, geissele SSAE trigger, and PA 4-14 ACSS HUD DMR scope. While not the most versatile AR, it’s my favorite to shoot at the range. I’m able to get consistent 1 MOA groups with IMI 77gr match ammo and I’m not the best precision shooter. I think a MK12-ish clone makes a great 3rd AR for anyones collection. Get a 16” or 14.5” first for all around versatility, then a shorty for HD/CQB, then look at a MK12.
  • J Gib
    Really awesome video format, I enjoy your videos and I like how you use scenarios to show how different tools are used for different applications. Ive been on a kick lately searching out just this style of video so I hope you keep them coming. After YEARS of watching every type of review and tutorial on everything out there, the scenario type of breakdown is educational and entertaining.
  • Amazing vid brother. The attention to detail, "real life scenario", just spot on.... new subscriber!
  • Red skeleton
    Videos are getting better and better keep it up 👍
  • Michael Gee
    Dude video quality on point. So stoked to see what you have done with your content after the high vis experience in Seattle. Cheers bro
  • Leopold Arkham
    Love the scenarios, it's so engaging. Keep them coming!
  • ryan Jones
    Production quality is always top notch. Good stuff.
  • Ulgarth
    As per normal, your videos are awesome. The Lena cameo really surprised me. Bravo Zulu. You and your team's skills are excelling. Please don't stop.