EXCLUSIVE Pat Carroll's Extended Interview | Pioneers of Television

Published 2022-04-23
Celebrate one of comedy's greatest legends as Carroll looks back on her career in the longest interview she has ever given.

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Comedy star Pat Carroll sits down to talk about her legendary comedy career and her secrets to success. Carroll is best known for voicing Ursula in the 1989 Disney animated movie The Little Mermaid.

Director: Steven J Boettcher
Star: Pat Carroll

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All Comments (21)
  • Jack Spry
    RIP and long live Pat Carroll (May 5, 1927 – July 30, 2022), aged 95
    You will always be remembered as a legend.
  • I love her laugh 😂 ❤️ she’s unique, her words of wisdom and optimism always capture me in these interviews. She is a blessing, love this woman.
  • Rob K
    RIP she passed away today. July 31 2022 in the video she said when she goes to that big green room in the sky don’t be sad because she had such a great fortunate life.
  • Bill B.
    Ms. Carroll’s comments are spot on and her history on television is like a walking time capsule.
  • Leftofway
    Miss Carroll is so delightful. Her optimism and her enjoyment of her career is so inspirational. She is a pure ray of sunshine.
  • She lives near me in Cape Cod. Lovely neighbor ...she's just part of the community like everybody else. Always smiling always friendly a really great lady !
  • Daniel MAK
    Oh, God...After I hear her voice and her recent news of pass away. My tears begin to drop. You are a voice legend.
    We truly miss your Voice. Thank you for being part of my Childhood. RIP Pat Carroll
  • Mr. LA Tours
    I grew up watching Pat Carroll on numerous tv shows during the 1960's and 1970''s. She was a wonderful comedienne! How wonderful that she had a brilliant "second act" doing dramatic work on theater and film, as well as her celebrated voiceover work for Disney! She will always be Bunny Halper on the "Danny Thomas Show" and Nanette Fabray's sister on an episode of "Love, American Style".
  • Peggy Warren
    I could listen to her all day. She is delightful, funny and smart, as well as talented.
  • Darren Small
    I adore listening to actors who can wax lyrical about their craft. Pat is so passionate about acting and her enthusiasm is infectious. R.I.P lovely lady.
  • Tina Lanning
    What a fantastic, interesting interview. She was an incredible lady!
  • ReverieRealms
    Growing up I loved watching her interviews and seeing her perform the roles she played such as Ursula, I am devastated when I heard she died Sunday. Her and Nichelle Nichols, both lived looong live lives that were very impactful and had a hand in shaping me into the person I am today. She will be missed.
  • sailorkeyblader
    This is a masterclass lecture and I'm soaking it in....I'm not an actor but I am a singer-songwriter and the Things Pat is saying applies
  • theironclads
    R.I.P. Pat. She was a lovely, talented, intelligent, and funny woman. Terrific interview.
  • Ver Coda
    RIP, Pat. Thanks for some awesome performances.
  • Drew 2C
    I just sent out a fan letter to her three days ago. I wake up to find out she passed away from pneumonia. RIP dear Pat. You are a legend and I wish I could have met you
  • David R. Lentz
    I really liked Pat Carroll. My deepest condolences to all her family, friends, and colleagues.
  • Tim Sika
    What a great lady. Fabulous interview.
  • TheGuillermo519
    Pat Carroll was a "Beautiful creature' and 'Fabulous" herself. I've always enjoyed her and glad to know that she enjoyed being Pat Carroll. Bless her.