The Woman Behind The Viral HAWK TUAH Meme Speaks Out For The First Time

Published 2024-07-01
Haliey Welch has taken the internet by storm these past few weeks over a street interview that went mega viral. No one could find her but Brianna Lapaglia sat down with her and asked all the questions that the internet has been dying for.


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All Comments (21)
  • @HB-zk7ms
    Its Sandy from Spongebob grownup and in human form
  • @shogunbj
    You made a drunk joke, and the next day, you have whole management behind you. This world is crazy 😂
  • @Paul-rt4ix
    She's an absolute joy to listen to & the accent is cute. Very polite, bubbly & has a naturail flair in front of the camera. I hope she goes far.
  • @KlipschHead281
    She is humble, personable and sweet, the reasons she has gone over so well. In the world of 15 minute fame, I hope she becomes a huge success long term.
  • @JackieKnuckles
    She united the country in a way we haven’t seen in years
  • @omaranees7022
    'You're more than hawk tuah' proceeds to only discuss hawk tuah with her lmao
  • I love the way she is saying "yes ma'am" - it's the certain kind of that politeness and kindness of the Southern states' people 🤗🏆
  • I thought that is such a good friend when her friend said she just loves her friend’s personality and is glad everyone gets to experience it now.
  • @serpex77
    She is more natural and jovial than all the Kardashians ever dreamed .
  • @HeimiSoirn
    I'm glad she addressed the rumors and came forward. The Internet is a dangerous place.
  • @EthelJung-j5w
    I usually don’t care for any random person getting their 15 mins of fame but she just seems so naturally funny and good vibes, cool girl
  • @TheAliKoca
    It’s actually nuts how quickly the internet faked things about who she was and her background, only for her to dismantle all of it in one interview.
  • @PaulyV56
    She’s more likable than the podcast lady.
  • @tylerwoods9954
    It is absolutely crazy how quickly a persons life can change in today's world with the internet. I'm happy this is happening to a seemingly good-hearted person. I wish her nothing but the best, and I just hope she doesn't lose her infectious enthusiasm and charm.
  • @AlMgSiCu1
    The most sympathic and natural girl I've seen for years. I wish her all the best.
  • @Bl00dMalice
    I think its sweet that you invited her friend onto the show and didn't leave her out.