"How to Keep Your Tank Filled Instead of Running on Empty" with Pastor Rick Warren

Published 2021-09-07
Are you feeling drained? The feeling of emptiness is at an all-time high, and many of us are feeling empty and drained. In this message, Pastor Rick Warren describes the 10 reasons you might feel emotionally and spiritually drained, and then explains how Jesus is the solution to our emptiness.

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  • Heavenly Father, I pray for anyone going through a difficult time that as they continue to trust you in spite of how things look. You will fulfil your word and make this difficult time work together for their good. In Jesus' name. Receive this by Faith Child of God.
  • Phyllis Werner
  • PeaceFan1
    I REALLY Need to hear this.. I am Very Burned Out... I SOO NEED JESUS to Refill my Tank.. Come HOLY SPIRIT and Fill me with your PEACE and STRENGTH!!!
  • Lesson learned....😇😇
    Thank you Pastor Rick for the Word!
    Keep feeding us.....🙏
  • CHAN HDZ!!!
    Thank you so much Pastor...this was perfect for me. God 🙏 led me to your sermon this evening as I just discovered you for the first time today. God bless you and yes I'm fed up with myself being so stubborn in my mind arguing with God about listening to Him to let some things go. Please say a prayer for me and my life to stay focused and do what God has intended for me to do in my life and for my children and my relationship with them. 🙏✝️🌠
  • Change Is Good
    Thank you God for this message.Lord I need to let go of the burden in my family especially towards my younger brother's situation. I surrender him into your loving hand and let me take your yoke God. Amen 🙏
  • Clare Bennett
    I have had this on loud speaker. My friend needs this. I will shout you from the mountains Lord me and my family. Thank you Rick 💖
  • T Tran
    I needed this sermon today. Thank you Pastor Rick. May God bless you and those who received it today.
  • Peter Grylls
    Awesome pastor Rick I really learned so much from this sermon of yours and the wisdom in following Jesus as being gentle and humble rather than aggressive and arrogant . Jesus wants us all to come to him no matter what the circumstance, God bless .
  • Fabian Mendoza
    Thanks Pastor Rick for those words of encouragement. I really like your ending prayers...you are so humble and loving. My prayers are with you and Kay.
  • Raj Kumar Rana Bhat
    Thank you pastor Rick Warren for the blessed sermon, you are truly shepherd of the God's flocks, may our God continue bless you, your family & ministry.
  • Mike A.
    Pastor Rick your anointing is amazing. I love your ministry! So practical for everyday living. 🙏🏽❤️
  • Thank you for this message exactly what I needed to hear thank you Lord for guiding pastor Rick
  • Carol Lee
    Love your messages. Thank you. Bless you.
  • Micky Sponaugle
    Praying for your health. Please take care of that earthy soul carrier. You are blessed that God is using you to deliver His message to souls like me. Sending love from West Virginia.