27 *NEW* Life-Changing Amazon Travel Finds that Will Blow Your Mind!

Published 2024-04-24
These genius amazon travel essentials are game-changing! I found some amazing new Amazon cruise items, travel finds & accessories. From viral best-sellers to hidden gems. these Amazon finds & travel must-haves are perfect for cruises, beach vacations & more!



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Weekender carry on bag: amzn.to/4b6tHr9
Nautical stripe carry-on (5*): amzn.to/4d8Qapf
Small jewelry organizer pouch: amzn.to/3UfpryJ
Gold plated chunky hoops: amzn.to/3We8V4F
Travel toiletry bottles: amzn.to/4aOyxto
Make up bag (open flat): amzn.to/49MycpT
Toiletry & jewel organizer combo bag: amzn.to/3UsW3Gx
Hanging toiletry bag: amzn.to/3WcXXwa
Men's toiletry bag: amzn.to/3Uhm4Yb
Pill box (small) : amzn.to/3UgYSKU
Pill box set S & L: amzn.to/44cPICg
Travel pillow: amzn.to/3JAQFe8
IWalk portable chargers: amzn.to/49DHLqO
Power bank INUI: amzn.to/3WjItqx
Crochet beach tote: amzn.to/3Wl96em
Foldable backpack: amzn.to/3WeaiAl
Travel makeup mirror: amzn.to/3UfMSch
Poo-pourri (small): amzn.to/3xSONuV
Compression packing cubes: amzn.to/3xU7Qoz
Silicone bottle covers: amzn.to/3QgSEbo
Travel phone holder: amzn.to/49QPRg2
Collapsible water bottles: amzn.to/4aRfxdK
Non-surge power cube with USBc & a: amzn.to/4dffDNK


AirTags: amzn.to/3tIOttp
Over the door organizer: amzn.to/3Dx2m1N
Magnet hooks: amzn.to/3wZgj77
Magnet clips: amzn.to/37bNh9W
Passport holder wallet: amzn.to/3f6VqNW
Towel bands: amzn.to/4aRzbGe
Towel clips: amzn.to/3b4cj9V
Cruise lanyards: amzn.to/3uNZBFb
Cruise card holder: amzn.to/3EWtRUL
Poo-Pourri: amzn.to/3vJCaM8
Travel alarm clock: amzn.to/3iYuYXN
Night light (motion sensor): amzn.to/33eMEqP
Laundry hamper: amzn.to/2YMyJtw
Water shoes: amzn.to/3G14O1g
Reef safe sunscreen: amzn.to/3rHUlRS
Travel fan: amzn.to/3uMc24t
Bonine: amzn.to/3NE87zo
Seabands: amzn.to/3LxvLvt
Waterproof waist pouch: amzn.to/3AqMSeK
Waterproof phone case: amzn.to/3iXCuT6
Carry-on bag (pale pink): amzn.to/4aoLIRz
Nautical carry on bag: amzn.to/4aEzWCU
Blue stripe beach bag: amzn.to/3xJxEU7

Luggage tag holders:
Royal Caribbean: amzn.to/3tvNzB5
Celebrity: amzn.to/3JB36Fk
Norwegian: amzn.to/3JzGiFP
Princess: amzn.to/3wvgW8t
Carnival: amzn.to/3uhaUFM
HAL: amzn.to/3tz7tLs

Blue halter dress: amzn.to/3JgzZsb
Criss cross dress: amzn.to/3TUYyjn
Short sleeve ruffle dress: amzn.to/49C2lIl
Short beach dress: amzn.to/3xuBHUe
Halter floral dress: amzn.to/4aRH9PE
White summer dress: amzn.to/43UZmcP
Black one shoulder dress: amzn.to/4aVWBdB
Lace swimsuit cover up: amzn.to/4axKzHs

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More Items we LOVE @ Life Well Cruised Amazon Store: amzn.to/3QaoV29
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  • @gsxjiffy6076
    38 days for my first cruise ever. Icon of the Seas. Cant wait. Wife 50th birthday. So excited. Love your channel.
  • Just a little tip I tried on my last vacation. I had not purchased the silicone toiletries covers. I bought a package of birthday balloons and cut the ends off them, they worked just as well, are lighter (if you are concerned about weight) and work every bit as well as the silicone ones. I had nothing leak! I just bought myself one of those neck supports......AMAZING!
  • I'm also going on a cruise in June. We're taking my granddaughter for a graduation gift. She's very excited and so is Grandma and Papa. Thanks for the tips. ❤🎉
  • @DM-eg6ow
    I’ve had the trtl pillow for YEARS and I love it! It really helps me rest on planes and I find it comfortable and supportive. And I love that it’s easy to take off the cover and machine wash.
  • @amandalh60
    Hi from Australia. I used so many of your suggested items on recent cruises. My husband thought I was hilarious but really appreciated our preparedness!
  • I just LOVE my Trtl travel pillow! Have had it for over almost 10 years now and it's a game changer. Not bulky like traditional travel neck pillows and weighs next to nothing. Find it so much more comfortable than the big "donut" pillows.
  • @Mimi567i
    Thank you for all these recommendations!❤
  • Going on our first cruise end of May. Your videos have been so helpful. Wish I would have known all of these on our past family roadtrips. So glad to hear of items that have been tried. Thanks
  • I have that neck rest, keeps your head more upright not so bent over. I have even put it in front to lean forward. it stores well and wraps on your bag well in the airport before boarding. Love it.
  • I use the large pill container to hold snacks for flights. Thanks for the tips.
  • @trishtowner8988
    Here's one of the things I found handy. (You may have already mentioned) Blow up travel hangers (found on Amazon). Saves on space, and they are puffy, so it helps dry if you have something wet. I used it after I wrung out my swimsuits. Drys in a snap!!
  • @chrisboles8495
    The travel pillow is awesome! Used it on flight to Australia and it was so comfortable.
  • That travel pillow works very well especially on long flights and even long road trips. Thanks Ilana for sharing these amazing products. I will be ordering the airplane phone holder.
  • @laurazeller2014
    Thank you, Ilana! Always great finds for us. I put several in my Amazon cart.
  • @auntlynnie
    I have that small jewelry pouch, and I LOVE IT! I have that open-flat toiletry bag, too!
  • @marysalas8791
    Thank you so much for all the Amazon finds. Getting ready for my Europe trip. I just ordered the compression packing cubes and the silicone bottle covers.
  • @renamccully1462
    I love that brand of jewelry! Great price point and it all wears well.
  • @chrissy7509
    You are a life saver. I’ve been obsessed with your videos. Especially as a first time cruiser!
  • @user-ew8vt1ur7j
    I have that exact same collapsible water bottle. I really like it. One word of warning: it's so lightweight that if you squeeze the bottom tight, water will squirt all over your face lol! Just something to be aware of but still a great travel product.