Build a full stack UBER EATS clone - 3/5 Days Challenge 🔴

Published 2022-04-20
Join the challenge and build a Full-stack Uber Eats clone, including 2 React Native apps and their backend in just 5 DAYS.
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0:00 Introduction
4:10 Getting started - Day 3
7:37 Initialise new app
14:33 Order item
45:35 Implementing bottom sheet
01:02:11 Order pickup details
01:38:42 Implement react navigation
01:48:42 Implement map
02:08:53 Code timeout
02:14:45 Implement map directions
02:24:00 Order pickup
03:08:07 Delivery route implementation

Disclaimer: This build is for educational purposes only!! All views, opinions, technology choices expressed in this video are my own and do not represent the views, opinions, technology choices of any entity whatsoever with which I have been, am now, or will be affiliated.

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All Comments (20)
  • @SAMAmUrl
    Simply Amazing. Thanks guys for this Wonderfull project that will spark multitude of others projects.
  • The billing account should be for google cloud or google maps platform
  • @capson3511
    Hi Lucas , the maps markers don't work on android simulator
    or showsUserLocation
  • @manishchhetri
    Thanks for the amazing build - Using expo doesn’t allow native integration like google pay.. how do you get around that ?
  • @JKholmatov
    if it is possible, 1440p quality would be perfect
  • just a heads up to Lukas: would appreciate it if you can enlarge your screen so the fonts are bigger. its because of youtube video quality, its hard to understand when youre using brackets () and curly-brackets {} or even [ ]. for example, when you were explaining useMemo. great video so far!

    (SOLVED. thanks to Kieran's comment) Also, about bottom-sheet: im using Android and I cant scroll up or down the bottom-sheet. works on iOS phone though. any solution to this?
  • Vadim and Lukas great works! I am having issue with google map on android emulator, Please, can anyone help me?
  • @syednoohu8692
    If Not AWS Amplify as our backend, the best alternative would be Nodejs?
  • Hello Lukas and Vadim .Btw Great Course I have been following this from starting parts and Its worth learning . I have an issue that showsUserLocation and followsUserLocation props in MapView is only working in ios maps . How i can run in my phone which supports google maps on android
  • @sushantbharat
    can you do new live project with AWS amplify with updated graphql
  • @jaycarter592
    I'm following this tutorial and i'm already at 17K requests, quickly approach the free tier limit
  • @mathhack8647
    Amazing Project and fantastic collaborative learning approch. Does the paid enrollement is still valid and updated .?
  • @Dave-1999
    hi Lukas I have a problem with my maps on my Android Emulator Pleas help
  • @FrozenSunsets
    you guys are hexing and editing someone elses code? LOL